Top Tips to Finding the Right Parts for your Cat Machine
Top Tips to Finding the Right Parts for your Cat Machine

Top Tips to Finding the Right Parts for your Cat Machine

Selecting the best parts for your Cat equipment matters. These tips will help quickly find the best matching genuine Cat part. 

At Caterpillar, excellence is one of our core values and one we strive to bring to every Cat® machine and part. Our commitment doesn’t stop there, with features like the Service Information System (SIS) and 24/7 support*, we ensure that buying the wrong part and extended equipment downtime are a thing of the past. We surveyed our Cat customers on Instagram recently to figure out how they currently shop for parts, and we found that:

38% of our customers call their dealer directly.

33% of our customers shop online.

14% of our customers shop using an app.

16% of our customers shop in-store.

One common theme among customers when surveyed about what would make shopping for parts easier is if there were better information to ensure you’re buying the right part and getting full service, so, we’ve compiled a list of the top things to keep in mind while parts shopping to ensure you’re reducing your downtime so you can #DoTheWork.

  1. Filter by your machine’s serial number to search only by parts that will fit your machine has a search by serial number function that can used by anyone. With this feature, you simply input your machine’s serial number or model, and then when you’re searching for commonly ordered parts like filters, seals, and more, you can ensure you’re getting the right fit, 100% of the time. Just look for the green checkmark.

  2. Plan your Maintenance (and keep it on a schedule!)

    Now, on, you can purchase a Cat® Planned Maintenance Kit. What’s in it? the right parts for your specific machine and maintenance interval, which saves you time and eliminates guesswork. Plus, regular maintenance with genuine Cat parts helps your components last longer and keeps your machine running at peak performance. The result? You maximize working hours and opportunities to make money.

  3. SIS

    One of the most useful features on is Service Information System (SIS). Downtime on a site is headache-inducing – and SIS makes sure that is a worry of the past. With SIS, you can see a live diagram of the parts in your machine, with information about which parts service and purchasing. With its integration with, you can easily order the parts you’ll need for upcoming service – and do it yourself, with no downtime included.


Check out the largest selection of genuine Cat parts, attachments, and more available on


*Availability may vary by dealer. 

Get any part, for any fleet – guaranteed to fit*

Want to minimize downtime, reduce costs, and extend the life of your equipment? Order genuine Cat parts today online from your local Cat dealer. 

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Get any part, for any fleet – guaranteed to fit*
Get any part, for any fleet – guaranteed to fit*
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