Using Remote Technology on the Farm
Using Remote Technology on the Farm

Using Remote Technology on the Farm

In this month’s “Down To Earth” blog, we discuss why you may want to consider using remote technology for your farming operations. Our RemoteTask™ system allows operators to precisely control machinery from outside the cab with virtually no lag time. Operate with ease while increasing efficiency and safety standards.

Ben Rice | Agriculture Industry Representative

There are always certain tasks on the farm that aren’t the safest, from clearing old buildings to cleaning up brush. Just last month, I was out on my family’s farm tearing down an older barn. During the demolition, I ended up dodging debris and crumbling materials. It sure would have been nice to take on that project outside the line of fire.

That’s where the remote-controlled RemoteTask™ system comes in. Compatible with Cat® D, D2, and D3 Series Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Track Loaders and Multi Terrain Loaders, this system lets you precisely operate the machine from up to 1,000 feet away with no lag time and the intuitive interface replicates controls just as they appear in the cab.

Remote Technology on the Farm

Whether you’re working on rough terrain or high-risk applications, you can count on remote technology like RemoteTask to keep you safe. It’s especially useful as we enter the fall season when the need for clearing leaves, branches and bushes around the farm picks up. If you have livestock, you can use remote technology to clean out their pens or yards with a clear line of sight.

Remote technology has the added benefit of being easy to use, especially for less experienced operators. The joystick-based motion control mimics arm and tool movements just as they’re done in the cab. Remote technology is also helpful for people who struggle getting in and out of the machine cab.

Remote Technology Key Safety Features

The best part about remote technology like RemoteTask™ is the safety features. There are two external machine indicator beacons on top of the cab, and audible warning signals and a vibration motor. The remote control comes with indicator lights for machine warning lights, alarms and faults, and the control stick also vibrates to make sure that you’re aware of any system warnings.

Most importantly, there are emergency stop buttons on the remote and outside the machine. These key features will help maintain your safety while you operate outside the cab.

The bottom line is that farmers choose remote technology like RemoteTask™ for safety and simplicity. Contact your local Cat® dealer to learn more about getting the RemoteTask™ system installed on your D, D2 or D3 machines.


Blog author Caitlin Maddock-Bahr
Blog author Caitlin Maddock-Bahr

Ben Rice

Agriculture Industry Representative

Having spent his formative years on a tobacco farm, Ben Rice went on in the agriculture field to earn degrees in Agriculture Business Management and Agriculture Science from North Carolina State University. Rice now brings his invaluable expertise to Caterpillar as an industry sales and service representative.

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