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Reliable Power with Low Cost of Operation

The Shanghai Tencent Cloud Data Center (TCDC) is one of the most advanced service platforms for cloud computing and cloud storage infrastructures in the Asia-Pacific region for third-party enterprises, domestic Internet users, and e-commerce services for the local government. ENN is the energy management company for the TCDC, specializing in natural gas as the fuel for its distributed generation (DG) projects. 

The Shanghai TCDC natural gas distributed generation project has an installed capacity of 10 MW. Two Cat® G3520H gas engine generator sets with a full load rating of 2,500 kW serves their need for high reliability, efficiency, and low cost of operation and maintenance. The combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) system is able to meet all power and cooling needs. 

The gas gensets are parallel to the municipal grid, connected with no injection mode. They provide partial power to the data center, while the thermal energy from the high-temperature exhaust gas and hot jacket water is recovered in the absorption chiller to produce 7°C cooling water to meet the data center’s cooling load demand. Additionally, the system is equipped with cold storage tanks used to improve cooling system reliability for peak shaving.

TCDC is one of the first to use natural gas power CCHP systems for its power and cooling needs. The advanced natural gas-based system provides a clean, efficient, and cost-effective solution for demanding data center requirements. When compared to conventional coal-fired power plants of the same capacity, 3,470 tons of conventional coal burning is saved, with 48% reduction in CO2 emissions and also the reduction of 466 tons of SO2 and a 60.8% reduction in NOx emissions.

Read the in-depth details by downloading the Power Profile.


Reliable, cost-efficient power

Reliable power with G3520H

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