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Founded in 1928, Red Stripe is a pale lager proudly brewed in Kingston, Jamaica. Due to very high prices for electricity and a desire to reduce their effect on the environment, Red Stripe installed a combined heat and power (CHP) plant. Red Stripe’s CHP system was designed by Caterpillar and includes two Cat® CG170-16 gas engines as the main components supplying a combined 2,060 kW, which is 80% of Red Stripe’s requirement.

CHP plants simultaneously generate heat and electricity during the same process, increasing effectiveness and reducing the amount of fuel used in operation. By using waste heat, the system requires less fuel to produce the same amount of energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide. “The technology achieves significant cost savings, environmental benefits, energy security, and overall efficiency in excess of 80%,” said Cedric Blair, managing director at Red Stripe.

When Red Stripe encountered a failure with an engine, local Cat dealer IMCA provided spare parts and the necessary service to fix the engine “The cost for service was 20-30% less than the overseas supplier and the capability, professionalism, and responsiveness made IMCA easy to work with. This partnership made a world of difference in our relationship.” Said Blair.

The repair to the CHP plant resulted in savings of approximately 5 million Jamaican dollars (40 thousand U.S. dollars) per month in electricity costs. “This has resulted in IMCA becoming our first-choice service provider,” noted Blair.

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