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Lifecycle Solutions

Caterpillar Defense and the Cat® global dealer network provide you with extensive equipment coverage. You can count on our experts to help optimize your operational readiness and deliver unsurpassed support through your entire equipment life cycles.

Service & Deployment Support

During disaster response or aid delivery, wartime or peacetime, surge or rapid deployment — Caterpillar Defense is ready to respond to the needs of the operation. Look over the options listed below to learn more about our capabilities.

Service Life Extension Program (SLEP)
When a machine approaches the end of its first life cycle, the military Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) gives machines a complete second life cycle at a fraction of the cost of a new replacement. And it’s all performed at your local Cat dealer.

Theater Equipment Refurb
Repairs and services are conducted in-theater on military bases with qualified technicians and management processes. In addition to scheduled services for the machine, the Refurb provides a TA2 inspection that serves as the basis for recommended repairs. Mandatory replacement parts can also be included to customize to local needs.

World-class Training
Get classroom and hands-on experience working with Cat engines and components from a team with over 90 years of experience training technicians in commercial and military applications. Standard training courses are offered at Caterpillar, and customized courses can be held at your location to meet specific needs.

Field Service Representatives
Contract maintenance is performed using experienced contractor Field Service Representatives (FSR). Contractor support may be dedicated to one or multiple levels of maintenance, where the support extends over multiple systems.

Parts Support
Customized parts support can be arranged so parts are delivered directly to the closest Logistics Support Area.

Online Support
Answers to parts or troubleshooting questions can be found online.

Mobile Repair Shops
Caterpillar Defense can bring the right tools to the necessary site with a complete, high-security, rugged mobile shop built to your specific job application.

Hose Shop
This option provides tooling and workspace to build hoses on location. Storage space is included to store the most common hoses and couplings for immediate response to your local needs. Caterpillar Defense can assist with recommendations on what components to stock, based on the machine mix you are supporting.

Equipment Management Solutions
Regular component monitoring and maintenance helps to reduce unexpected downtime and maintenance costs. Your local Cat dealer can help you stay on top of actions that need to be completed immediately or performed at the next scheduled service.


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