Digging and loading material. Hauling ore. Pushing and ripping overburden. Maintaining haul roads. Cat® machines have different jobs to do on your mine site. Their individual pieces and parts, components and software, systems and engines, all have different purposes. But they have one important thing in common: They’re all manufactured by Caterpillar.

Why does it matter? Because that integration results in highly efficient systems and performance. It ensures that the entire machine can be fully optimized to deliver the highest uptime, greatest efficiency and lowest cost per ton.

Cat integration goes beyond iron to include the software and electronic architecture — the nerve center of the machine that optimizes the entire machine. The more interconnected they are, the better they understand each other, react to each other and enable each other’s performance. They’re also more reliable and feature common designs and componentry that streamline maintenance.

This machine integration also extends to technologies — whether they are standard or optional, onboard or added offerings like Cat MineStar™ Solutions. Onboard technologies combine with the power of new tools to create an even tighter machine integration that results in highly efficient systems and performance.