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The business of mining is constantly changing and you’re always on the lookout for new ways to mine better ― more efficiently and effectively, safely and sustainably, productively and profitability. Caterpillar is here to help you navigate the changes, not only as an equipment provider but as a mining company and a partner in your performance. Going beyond the iron, providing information and staying in touch with our customers is an important part of this partnership.


We’re excited to offer a webinar series that helps us share the many ways we can mine better — together. This free series brings our experts to you virtually, allowing us to share knowledge and insight about products, technologies, solutions and services that can make a difference in your operation today and prepare you for the future.

Topics are still in development, so check back often to see the new sessions that have been added. You can register using the links below and sign up to receive an email communication when a new topic has been confirmed. 


Upcoming Events

December 3 — Cat Ultra Class Mining Trucks

With offerings in both electric and mechanical drive and payloads ranging from 138 to 372 tonnes (152 to 410 tons), Caterpillar can offer a truck for every type of mining application. But one thing all the models have in common is the philosophy we follow in their design. Whatever measurement you use for material movement, our goal is to help you optimize that cycle. This virtual event will cover how Cat ultra-class size trucks ranging from 297 tonnes to 372 tonnes  (327 tons 410 tons) can help boost your bottom line.

Go the Distance

December 10 — Mining Equipment Repair Options: Component & Machine Rebuilds

From major components to complete machines, the ability to rebuild part or all of your Cat machine is a key to taking advantage of the extra value built into it. The Cat Certified Rebuild Program returns end-of-life machines, systems and components to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Join lifecycle specialist Tim Totten for a look at how rebuild strategies will work to serve you.



Cat® MineStar™ Virtual Events

In addition to webinars provided by Caterpillar Mining, the Cat MineStar team offers a free weekly series of virtual events focused on Cat technology solutions and how they can address challenges on your mine site. 

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