For Cat® Underground LHD Vehicles

Caterpillar’s release of a new ground engaging tool called BOHA ("bolt-on, half-arrow"), corresponds nicely with the introduction of our new flagship LHD, the Cat® R1700.  What makes BOHA so important to underground miners is the total absence of having to weld replacements into place.  In addition, this GET allows the new bucket design on the R1700 to perform even better – especially in heavy, hard-digging rock at draw points in block cave mining.

When comparing BOHA GET to weld-on GET - as we did with substantial field trials before production – BOHA performed even better than expected.  In some cases, it was found capable of doubling the life of weld-on options.  An average weld-on set of cutting edges can range from 20-40 hours to replace and requires a high level of skill to perform.  BOHA takes approximately 1 – 2 hours to replace and requires no welding. 


BOHA has the same impact performance and toughness that a weld on option has, but with the convenience of bolting on.  Once the base edge has been applied to the bucket (the only welding required), BOHA installs with two or three bolts per tip. There is a wear indicator built directly into the tips, allowing for easy, safe ground level daily inspection. The corner protects the critical structural corner of the bucket and significantly improves the life of the corner segments.  An integrated lift eye makes installation simple, and the system is smooth once installed and presents a flat walking surface limiting trip hazards.  A specially designed counter bore plug keeps material out of the bolt hole, eliminating the need to dig out packed material from around the bolts, and in many cases, it can be reused a second time.

We field trialed the system in North and South America and in a variety of materials. 

  • At a gold mine in Western Canada, BOHA achieved ½ life at 925 hours with full replacement coming after 1739 hours of work.  Their previous weld on system required replacement at 700 work hours.
  • A mine contractor in Battle Mountain, Nevada used BOHA on an ejector bucket and was pleased with not only the full life of 2444 hours, but also the hour and a half that it took them to replace a full system.  Their previous weld on GET had a life of approximately 1100 hours.
  • A mine site in Mexico that typically only saw 850 hours on their weld on GET is seeing a half-life on BOHA of 1164 hours.   The full life calculation is still going on as this mine has not yet replaced the field trial iron.
  • A mine in Central Canada where full weld on life was 250 hours saw BOHA deliver 833 hours of life.   
  • Not all the mines saw such a dramatic and divergent result.  At a mine in Eastern Canada, BOHA was only able to exceed the weld on life by 100 hours, but the cost savings of 1-2 hours of replacement time made all the difference in the world.
  • On average, the new BOHA system averages 1,500 wear life hours, positioning the system in between weld-on and other mechanically attached options.

The mines where we tested were not only pleased with the cost reductions of shorter replacement times and long wear life, their operators were also pleased with the performance in muck piles, road cleaning and face prep.  BOHA can also be fit to non-Cat equipment.  The modularity of the system means that only 6 part numbers need to be stocked to service a fleet of mixed machines and bucket sizes.

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Cat® Bolt-on Half Arrow (BOHA) segments are designed to minimize overall carrying weight while keeping your bucket protected. The unique front beveled edge has a low profile design to maximize pile penetration allowing you to fill your bucket faster.

Cat Bolt-on Half Arrow GET provides up to 40% longer life and up to 80% reduction in replacement time compared to traditional weld-on systems and provides superior penetration performance compared to mechanically attached systems.

During the life of the Bolt-on Half Arrow segments, parent material is designed to wear from the bottom base and front at an even rate reducing the effect of dulling and maintaining their efficiency for their serviceable life.

Built-in wear indicators are visual and easy to monitor the wear rate of your GET:

  • The first line signals 50% half-life has been reached and time to replace the corners with half-life segments.
  • The second line indicates the full service life of the segments has been reached and that a planned change out is ready to be done.

Counterbore plugs are fitted to ensure fast change out of segments when needed. These plugs reduce the amount of material that can potentially build up around the nut and thread.