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Fleet for Underground

Cat® MineStar™ Fleet for Underground

Cat® MineStar™ Fleet for underground provides real-time visibility to cycle time, payload and other key operational parameters. It automatically records and tracks data up and down the value chain, providing insights that help you identify what’s working and fix what’s not. Thanks to our proprietary high-precision underground positioning technology, mines can accurately track personnel and assets to sub-meter accuracy. This also gives you access to critical cycle information, so you can better understand machine usage and overall efficiency of operations. Real-time two-way task management provides essential data that positively impacts productivity and helps you optimize the entire mining operation.

  • Gives site leaders and controllers total control over tasks with dynamic in-shift rescheduling that can be communicated directly to operators via in-cab display
  • Collects data on material grade, location, delays, and proficiency of operators, helping miners enhance data management and streamline operations
  • Helps miners better understand machine usage and overall efficiency of operations. Users can actively prevent bottlenecks and experience gains in productivity
  • Connects people and machines throughout the underground environment through a purpose-built mine tracking and communications solution

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Fleet for underground
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