Skills to pay the bills
Skills to pay the bills

Skills to pay the bills


Not surprisingly, all of us at Miami Lakes Learning Center are passionate about learning. Everyday, we see the progress technicians make – and the new confidence and knowledge they take back with them to the field. But we also know how important and valuable upskilling is for the dealers and their customers’ business. Especially in a fast-changing world where you always need to be ready for the next challenge.

Upskilling is just a fancy name for training or learning, right? Mostly, yes. But it brings in the important idea of raising the level and the value of an individual or even an organization. It’s putting training at the heart of growing your professional role and business.

You can break down the advantages like this:


1. Customer satisfaction 

Upskilled technicians are better equipped to solvecustomer problems – quickly, securely and even creatively.


2. Technician productivity 

Faster and more effectively also means technicians can get more done and can perhaps focus on new,value-adding actions.


3. Training technicians 

Putting training at the heart of your business meansthat you are set up to fast-track new staff to get theexperience they need. Sometimes giving them thevalue of decades of experience in just a few days.


4. And retaining them 

As a technician working for an organization that focuses on your personal and professional growth, you’re much more likely to stick around. Leading to longer-term anddeeper customer relationships where the technicians’commitment and professional pride rubs off.

“My job is truly amazing. It’s such a reward to see what training and upskilling actually means to our customers and their personnel out in the field”

Jacques Ceballos, Learning Operations Lead

Jacques Ceballos
Jacques Ceballos

The advantages of upskilling might be clear but, in our experience, the hardest part can be working out how and where to start. That’s where we can help. We offer courses that we can make fit into your own training program, but we also know a thing or two about how tailor a whole program for an individual or team. From personalized development plans, the right blend of e-learning and instructor-led courses to structured on the job training and mentoring.

So whatever you’re thinking about and want to discuss, just give us a call. Although a word to the wise… get settled in a comfortable chair as we can talk about this stuff for hours!