Fluid Ends For Well Stimulation Pumps

Fluid Ends

Fluid Ends For Well Stimulation Pumps

Cat® Fluid Ends are compatible with industry standard 8” and 10” stroke power ends, including both Cat well stimulation pumps and select competitive models.

Replacement made easy:

  • Valve-over-valve design to simplify valve, seat and plunger installation
  • Grooved and grooveless valve stop designs available
  • Cat valves and seats
  • Standard carbon, XD carbon steel and XD stainless steel available
fluid end
fluid end

Cat® Dealers Make the Difference

Need help determining which well service product meets your needs? Your Cat® dealer can help you find the right model and ensure that your equipment is operating correctly to help you get the job done.

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View and compare Cat® pumps used in well service pressure pumping applications.

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