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Craft a winning strategy and build expertise in equipment costs and lifestyle management with The Fundamentals of Equipment Economics, our online video course. Led by Mike Vorster, author of “Construction Equipment Economics” and President of C.E.M.P. Central Inc., this course will teach you to master the essential skills and strategies needed to lower costs and improve business performance.

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Overview of The Fundamentals of Equipment Economics Courses

Is This the Right Course for Me?

This course is a good fit for you if:

·  You have some level of influence in your company’s decision to repair, rebuild or replace a machine in the fleet.
·   You have a solid understanding of operating and owning costs, managing fleet average age, and when to repair, rebuild or replace a machine.
·  You are looking to expand your knowledge of equipment management topics to drive increased value to your company’s business.
·  Your company is open to adopting new practices to better manage major equipment decisions.

To gain a better understanding of these equipment management topics before taking this course, you can visit our additional resources.

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Learn to lower costs and improve your business performance with Caterpillar’s® The Fundamentals of Equipment Economics online course.

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The Fundamentals of Equipment Economics curriculum is endorsed by the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) and provides six education hours towards AEMP’s CEM/CESP certification. Those who complete the entire online coursework receive a 10% discount on the AEMP certification exam fee. For additional details on AEMP offerings, visit