PM822 asphalt milling machine/cold planer milling a highway

More Power.

More Choices.

Cat® Cold Planers


Every part of the new line of Cat® cold planers was developed from input from milling contractors like you. The payoff for contractors is immediate: lowered operating costs and increased productivity, paired with Cat reliability backed by the service and support of the Cat dealer network.


What are contractors are saying about the new mills?

"With the new technology, set up time is quicker and easier."

- Tri-City Blacktop, Inc.

"You can literally run this machine from the operator’s station."

- White Oak Asphalt

"One of the things that our crew and city noticed immediately was how quiet the machine was."

- Dallas County, Texas

Designed for the Operator

Operator stations are designed for visibility, comfort and control and the touchscreen LCD touchscreen displays and simple controls make operation intuitive. Increased lockable storage throughout the machine and the optional quick-deploy canopy keep your crew productive and comfortable.

Simplified Technology

Integrated Cat Grade Control is easy to use and set up and is accessible from any of the control boxes. Jump Hold allows you to clear obstacles quickly and easily with a touch of a button. The Ramp-in, Ramp-out feature allows operators to preset a taper cut providing a smooth, consistent slope on the cut-in and cut-out.

Rotors and cutter bits

High production and fine milling drums are available in three cutting widths and cut up to 13 inches (330 mm) deep. Our offering of cutter bits give you the versatility you need to be productive and efficient.

Maintenance made simple

Outstanding access to critical components and systems makes service and maintenance easier and faster. The power hood opens to allow walk-in access to service the engine, pumps and components. The LCD touchscreen display helps you monitor machine health. Track scheduled maintenance with Cat Product Link™ telematics service – a standard feature on the new cold planers.

Customized for Your Crew

Cat cold planers offer a variety of optional equipment to maximize versatility, productivity and comfort. Items like the quick-deploy canopy, onboard high-pressure water spray system, bit bucket trays, inboard ski and remote cameras are just a few of the options that are available.



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Engine Power: C18 ACERT™ 630 hp (470 kW)
Operating Weight: 73,260 lb (33 330 kg)
Cutting Width: 79 in (2010 mm)

See PM620 Specs

Engine Power: C18 ACERT™ 755 hp (563 kW)
Operating Weight: 79,630 lb (36 130 kg)
Cutting Width: 79 in (2010 mm)

See PM820 specs

Engine Power: C18 ACERT™ 630 hp (470 kW)
Operating Weight: 74,580 lb (33 900 kg)
Cutting Width: 88 in (2235 mm)

See PM622 Specs

Engine Power: C18 ACERT™ 755 hp (563 kW)
Operating Weight: 80,887 lb (36 700 kg)
Cutting Width: 88 in (2235 mm)

See PM822 specs

Engine Power: C18 ACERT™ 755 hp (563 kW)
Operating Weight: 82,650 lb (37 500 kg)
Cutting Width: 98.8 in (2505 mm)

See PM825 specs
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