533-5760 Reclamation Carbide Bit


Cutting Material: Soft-Medium Soil or Asphalt

Cutting Conditions: Medium, Abrasive, Reclamation



Bit Model Number: 533-5760

Shank Size: 0.87 in (22 mm)

Body Diameter: 1.65 in (41.9 mm)

Gage Length: 2.10 in (53.3 mm)

Tip Diameter: 0.40 in (10.2 mm)

Tip Length: 0.67 in (17.0 mm)

Puller Groove: No

Insert Type: Cap

Bucket Quantity and Weight: 40 pieces (34.4 lbs / 15.6 kg)

Pallet Quantity and Weight: 2,400 pieces (2064 lbs / 936.2 kg)


Dimensions in (millimeters) and inches.

533-5760 Road Milling Teeth

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