Encryption Help

External Users – Opening a Secure Message

Reading a Secure Message

When you receive a secure message, it will look similar to this in your mailbox:

Use the Click here link if you are opening the message before the date shown in the email. After that date, download the attachment and click the Click to read message button. You may see a warning about submitting info to an external page, this is normal and select OK

The first time you receive an encrypted email from our Proofpoint encryption solution, you will be prompted to register. Please provide your First and Last name and set a password. 

The next time you want to read a secure message, you will be prompted to log in to Proofpoint Encryption using your password. 

You can reply to the email by clicking the Reply button. 

Click Logout when you are done. 

Your Password Expires
Your password will expire after 90 days. If your password is about to expire, you will see the message “Your password will expire in 7 days” displayed in a secure message.
Click the link next to the expiration message to reset your password.
If your password expires before you have a chance to reset it, you will be prompted to reset it the next time you read a secure message.

Forgetting Your Password
If you forgot your password, click the Forgot Password link.