Caterpillar Announces Availability of Remote Tracking, Monitoring, and Notification System for CAT Powered Yachts & Vessels

For Worldwide Release: August 2012
Release Number: M12PR5

Caterpillar Announces Availability of Remote Tracking, Monitoring, and Notification System for Cat® Powered Yachts & Vessels Caterpillar Marine Power Systems is pleased to announce the availability of gplink, a satellite/cellular based tracking, monitoring, and notification system for Cat® powered yachts and vessels.

gplink protects vessels by monitoring engine operating parameters and engine diagnostic codes as well as on-board critical systems such as bilge levels, fire alarms, low batteries and power interruption. gplink can provide immediate notification via e-mail, SMS, and/or phone of any critical alarm or event.

“We are excited about the addition of gplink to all of our Cat powered boats. If a service visit is required, gplink will communicate the diagnostic information to the nearest Cat service center who will arrange everything that is needed to get you back out on the water as quickly as possible. Hatteras and CABO have a long history of introducing new technologies, standards, and processes in the recreational marine industry. The addition of gplink to all of our Cat powered vessels is just another example of how both brands are continually working to provide the very best products for our customers" says Bruce Angel, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Engineering, Construction Management, and Customer Service for Hatteras and CABO.

Through the utilization of dual band cellular technology with GSM communications, as well as the Iridium satellite system, gplink is able to provide vessel coverage on a global basis. gplink’s Geo-Fence feature allows the vessel operator to set up a precise boundary within which the boat should be operating or docked. Any unauthorized movement outside that boundary will prompt an immediate notification from gplink to the vessel operator.

gplink’s monitoring of a vessel’s critical engine parameters is supported by trained Caterpillar Technical experts in the gplink call center. These experts can remotely access any fault codes or operating conditions, review a vessel’s alarm status, troubleshoot any engine conditions and potentially eliminate a service technician’s preliminary visit to a vessel.

Beyond showing real-time data, gplink also archives all account data which can be referenced at any time. The vessel owner will receive reports and monthly updates on maintenance that is coming due, alarms received during the month, a complete engine diagnostic report, and important updates from the vessel manufacturer.

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