Caterpillar Launches CG170-B Series of Gas Generator Sets with Increased Efficiency, Reliability and Improved $/kW Performance

For Worldwide Release: January 16, 2019

Mannheim, Germany – Caterpillar Energy Solutions is pleased to introduce the CG 170B 50 Hz series of generator sets with increased power output from 1.3 – 2.3 MW, higher reliability and improved return on investment. The increased electrical efficiency – up to 45% Natural Gas (NG) / 43.6% Bio Gas (BG) makes the generator set more economical for customers as it burns less gas to produce even more energy.

“At Caterpillar, we have a laser sharp focus on customer success,” said Mark Jenzer, product manager with Caterpillar Energy Solutions. “We’re dedicated to research and development, constantly looking to see how we can re-engineer our products to help them better serve our customers. We are thrilled to announce the B series of CG170 gas generator sets, as they will do just that – help our customers achieve more and be more profitable.” 

“The B series offers high power density enabled through a compact design delivering greater return on investment,” said Jenzer. Advanced engineering improvements with the B series of the CG170 generator series includes switching from aluminum to steel pistons allowing for higher efficiency. Additionally, the air filters have been redesigned which supports the compactness of the generator set. “With upgraded state of the art technology, the B series of CG170 can provide up to 80,000 hours until major overhaul. This results in higher reliability and lower total owning and operating cost for customers," said Jenzer.

The CG170B series offers different engine variants tailor-made for a variety of applications - running on natural gas, biogas, wellhead and propane gas. “This offers greater flexibility to our customers allowing them to choose the type of fuel they want to use,” said Jenzer. “With the different engine variants, we can offer high-efficiency engines optimized for electrical efficiency at the lowest possible operating costs. We also offer a high response version which is optimized for total efficiency if a customer is interested in producing electrical energy, but also needs heat for internal efficiency by utilizing Combined Heat and Power (CHP).  The series also offers a biogas version where the engine has been optimized for total efficiency with a variety of biogases,” said Jenzer. In the future the CG170B will offer a variant for high altitude and ambient temperatures for regions of the world where climates are rough, we have optimized the engine to run in the harshest climates. 

The CG170B series features Caterpillar’s fully digitized Total Plant and Energy Management (TPEM) system. Responsible for controlling all power plant data within an advanced hardware and software solution, this new system eliminates the need for multiple controls. It also features a user-friendly 15-inch touchscreen, which provides a wide range of data concerning the status of the power plant. The data is saved for up to one year, enabling shorter maintenance times through systematic planning. 

The CG170B also comes standard with Cat® Connect capabilities, Cat Connect is a suite of services to collect and analyze data to help customers reduce owning and operating cost and increase profits.

Caterpillar Energy Solutions is announcing availability for the 20-cylinder version today, with 12 and 16 cylinders coming out later in 2019. Caterpillar is best in class in the power generation marketplace with market leading power systems engineered to deliver unmatched flexibility, expandability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. With parts and service available globally, Caterpillar offers worldwide product support through its comprehensive service and dealer network, where technicians are trained to service every aspect of the equipment.    

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Cat® CG170-B

Cat® CG170-B

Cat® CG170-B

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