Caterpillar Oil & Gas Launches C175-16 IMO Tier III Emissions Certified Offshore Drilling Generator Set featuring Proven SCR After-treatment Technology

Houston, TX – Caterpillar Oil & Gas is pleased to introduce IMO Tier III Emissions Certified Offshore Drilling Generator Set rated at 1833 ekW*—1930 bkW at 1200 rpm. This new generator set features Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) after-treatment technology with closed loop NOx sensing and application optimized performance for minimized owning and operating cost.

Caterpillar has utilized SRC technology for various applications for over twenty years. In the Marine application, Caterpillar has over 500 SCR installations operating successfully around the world.

SCR works by injecting urea into the exhaust stream, a catalyst helps convert nitrogen oxide into harmless diatomic nitrogen carbon dioxide and water vapor. The Caterpillar SRC technology is a closed-loop system that senses where the engine is in its operating range and adjusts appropriately.

“An advantage for many customers is that this flexible adjusting rate means you can change between IMO II and IMO III emissions levels,” said Scott Roberts, oil and gas offshore marketing manager for Caterpillar. “Today, IMO III is only applicable in a small region of the world. When you have a vessel or an offshore rig moving throughout different locations, you don’t always need to meet IMO III. This technology gives our customers greater flexibility to maximize efficiency and operating costs based on where they’re operating in the world.”

The new C175-16 IMO Tier III generator set comes factory certified and provides maximum installation flexibility and serviceability with multiple configuration options for the rig design. Current IMO III product offerings include C175, C280 and 3516.

The C175-16 IMO Tier III Emissions Certified generator set is available now for order through the Cat® dealer network. For more information on this product and other solutions for the oil and gas industry, follow Caterpillar Oil & Gas on Facebook (, Twitter ( or visit


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