Caterpillar Tianjin Limited to ship first G3516C generator set optimized to burn lean coalmine methane

For Worldwide Release: October 1, 2019

Caterpillar Electric Power is pleased to announce the first natural gas-powered generator sets optimized to burn lean coal mine methane are now available for order. Caterpillar’s focus on expanded offerings reflects our commitment to create greater customer value and loyalty by providing the right solutions and technologies, for the right applications, in the right geographies to meet customer needs.

The Cat® G3516C is optimized to run on lean coal mine methane (LCMM) for local mining applications. “Having the ability to manufacture the LCMM generator sets will provide significant benefits to our local customers,” said Peter Lau, sales manager of the Asia Pacific Region for Caterpillar Energy Solutions. “For the customer, the start of dedicated production from Tianjin will mean shorter lead and delivery times, enhanced product support, and optimized cost efficiencies.”

For years Chinese mining companies have utilized coal mine methane (CMM) to produce power generation for mine sites. CMM is a byproduct of coal formations in subterranean coal seams and is released before or during active coal mining. CMM can be hazardous to miners if not properly managed. Typically, this means venting the CMM into the atmosphere or burning it in a flare. However, methane is a greenhouse gas with more than 20 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide, so its release into the atmosphere is considered harmful. By capturing the previously vented methane gas and converting it into electricity, the Cat generator sets significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving the capacity of the local power grid.

“When local mining sites first began using CMM to generate power, the concentration of the methane was around 55 percent,” said Lau. “However, in some applications, the methane is diluted to a much lower concentration. When methane concentration is high it’s easy to burn as fuel in an engine. When it gets down to the 12 to 16 percent, it becomes classified as lean coal mine methane gas (LCMM) which requires engine adjustments and additional fuels to properly burn. The G3516C generator, has been optimized to burn LCMM, saving customers from additional adjustments that had to be made in the past.”

Caterpillar is leading the power generation provider with leading power systems engineered to deliver unmatched flexibility, expandability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. With parts and service available globally, Caterpillar offers worldwide product support through its comprehensive service and dealer network, where technicians are trained to service every aspect of the equipment.  


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