Ellicott dredges and caterpillar marine celebrate over fifty years of success together

Founded in Baltimore, MD in 1885, Ellicott Dredges is the world's oldest and largest builder of medium-sized cutter suction dredges.  A leader in the dredging industry, Ellicott built all of the dredges used in the original construction of the Panama Canal, and through the years, they have been an innovative and influential source for design and production of all types of dredging equipment.

“Ellicott’s dredges are often used in ports and harbors allowing for economic development of regional areas, and also for mining”, said Chuck Hawkey of Alban Engine Power Systems, Ellicott’s primary Cat® dealer. “It’s similar to how Caterpillar enables economic growth through infrastructure development. The partnership between Ellicott and Caterpillar is deep-rooted in sustainability and economic growth,” said Hawkey.

With a partnership spanning more than fifty years, Ellicott has relied on Caterpillar engines to power their dredges and dredging equipment. “Dredges more often than not are utilized in harsh or extreme environments,” stated Martin Barnes, senior vice president of Ellicott Dredges. “Running on Cat® Power, our dredging solutions have withstood the test of time,” said Barnes. 

“We have a tremendous partnership with our Cat dealer, Alban,” said Barnes. “They are truly a partner, helping us find the right engineering solution for the job and location.”  Additionally, Alban keeps Ellicott up to date on all regulatory requirements ensuring that they conform to the latest standards and regulations. “We rely on the global Cat dealer network’s ability to respond to our dredging customers anywhere in the world,” said Barnes. “When we had a customer in Turkey who needed assistance with an Ellicott Dragon™ Model 670 running on a Cat 3412 engine, we determined that the engine needed to be re-built. The local Cat Dealer had parts flown in from Belgium and had the repair complete in a matter of days.” 

“Ellicott customers also value the long-time partnership between Caterpillar and Ellicott,” said Carl Kleeman, vice president of TIC/Kiewit in Savannah, GA. “When we decided to purchase an Ellicott model 2070 Dragon™ dredge we knew that strong and dependable engines would be an essential requirement, which is why a Cat engine was our engine of choice.”  

Dredging operations face many difficult challenges, and equipment productivity technology is vitally important— which is why Ellicott continues to partner with Caterpillar Marine and Alban Cat to provide them with the right power solutions for their demanding dredging environments all over the world.

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