For Release in North America and Europe: November 2015
Release Number: 346PR15

The new Cat® 307E2 expands the mini hydraulic excavator machine range to include an additional solution for the seven to eight metric ton weight class. The 37.7kW (50.3 hp) Cat C2.4 turbo engine (U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IIIB) and the High Definition Hydraulic System, which is load sensing and flow sharing, allows the machine to offer superior performance and overall operational effectiveness.

The 307E2 offers maximum stability, reach, and lift capacity with its standard tail swing and fixed boom design. The cab delivers superior comfort with an air suspension seat, retractable seat belt, and COMPASS monitor with color display. The COMPASS monitor allows the operator to quickly enable and modify machine features such as: Adjustable Auxiliary flow for enhanced work tool control; Hydraulic Quick Coupler selection to change work tool attachments at the touch of a button; Auto Engine Idle for improved fuel efficiency; and Security System features to protect equipment on the job site. Additionally the 100 percent pilot controls deliver excellent machine control with fine modulation while eliminating the need for linkage and cable maintenance, lowering owning and operating costs and resulting in less downtime.

Secondary auxiliary lines come standard on the 307E2 along with a “thumb ready” stick.  Track options will be either steel tracks or steel tracks with pads.  Furthermore it shares work tools with the 308E2 platform along with new features including: Power On Demand which ensures full time efficiency and power; Site Reference System which aids with grading and level trenching; and the Rear View Camera which decreases blind spots and aids in machine positioning. All these features are standard on the new 307E2. 

307E2 Product Specifications

Engine Cat C2.4 Turbo
Net power, hp (kW) 50.3 (37.7)

Weight, lb. (kg)

16027 (7270)
Length, in. (mm) 240 (6080)
Width, in. (mm) 90 (2280)

Hyd. flow, gpm (L/min.)

40 (154)

Relief pressure, psi (bar)

4060 (280)

Dig Depth, max., in. (mm) 160 (4070)
Reach, max., in. (mm) 248 (6300)


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