Caterpillar announces VisionLink Productivity
Caterpillar announces VisionLink Productivity

Caterpillar announces VisionLink® Productivity for Cat® PM600 and PM800 Series Cold Planers


For Worldwide Release: March 2024
Release Number: 110PR24

Caterpillar announces VisionLink® Productivity for Cat® PM600 and PM800 Series Cold Planers

  • VisionLink Productivity helps measure, monitor and manage assets to maximize productivity
  • Provides near real-time asset and jobsite data
  • Allows for increased profitability through increased efficiencies and lower operating costs

An online web platform, VisionLink® Productivity for cold planers, delivers near real-time machine and jobsite data designed to improve the contractor’s productivity. Available for Cat® PM620, PM622, PM820, PM822 and PM825 Cold Planers, VisionLink Productivity gathers, analyzes and summarizes detailed data such as time spent waiting for trucks, cutting and travel at the jobsite as well as distance cut, fuel burn, location and cycle mapping. This gives contractors insights into jobsite productivity and equipment utilization.

VisionLink Productivity segments data into easy-to-navigate dashboards, providing multiple ways to view more detailed data and key product indicators (KPIs). Contractors can quickly track the hours and distance milled each day and visualize excess travel, slow milling speeds and stoppage. Eliminating manual data gathering, detailed reports are available in PDF, Excel and CVS formats and can be scheduled for email inbox delivery.

This powerful reporting technology enables contractors to measure performance of cycle segments; track and eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption; and compare operations between shifts, machines and projects. Allowing for the identification and reduction of unnecessary waiting, companies can achieve longer, more productive milling cycles, improve estimating for future projects, and optimize profitability by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

A cloud-based platform, VisionLink Productivity gathers and summarizes machine telematics and jobsite data from all equipment at the jobsite, regardless of the brand, and can be accessed anywhere via a mobile, tablet or desktop device. Fleets with mixed OEM equipment brands can all be incorporated into VisionLink Productivity.

For more information about VisionLink Productivity for Cat PM600 and PM800 Series Cold Planers, contact a Cat dealer or visit


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Caterpillar announces VisionLink Productivity
Caterpillar announces VisionLink Productivity

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