For Release in North America and Europe: April 2016 
Release Number: 173PR16

The Cat® 304.5E2 XTC mini hydraulic excavator is the first model in the Xtra Tool Carrier (XTC) lineup. Built on the reliable E2 platform, the 304.5E2 XTC offers the same level of quality, performance, and operator comfort expected from a Cat mini hydraulic excavator. In addition, the machine has an innovative skid steer coupler interface for added versatility and work tool integration. This manual coupler allows for use of compact loader tools including: general purpose bucket, multi-purpose bucket, forks, dozer blade, brooms, power box rakes and trenchers. Coupler operation is controlled through a flick of the XTC switch on the right hand console in the operator station, then the standard right hand joystick then becomes your loader.

The 304.5E2 XTC allows operators to achieve improved productivity in material carrying applications, and also allows for reduced backfilling times. Due to the addition of the compact loader coupler interface, multiple applications may be achieved at a single job site with a single machine. This offering also improves efficiency of machine transport.

The 304.5E2 XTC also includes the standard features and benefits of the E2 model lineup. For example, automatic two-speed, 100% pilot controls, superior bucket rotation, blade float and safety are built into every Cat mini excavator. All operator stations are ROPS certified, and the Cat interlock system which prevents hydraulic movement when the safety bar is raised, adds further to operational safety, as do the automatic swing brake, retractable seatbelt and travel alarm (optional in Europe). Also, the COMPASS monitor includes a passcode protected security system, adjustable auxiliary flow control, site reference system all as standard. There is also a rearview camera option.

Finally, to increase the machine versatility even further, a mechanical or hydraulic quick coupler for the excavator front linkage (differentiate between the excavator coupler and loader coupler) is available for accommodating work tools such as augers and hydraulic hammers, and a thumb-ready stick is standard. Caterpillar offers a wide portfolio of performance matched work tools designed specifically to get the best out of your machine and deliver excellent value through high productivity and long life.

For more information about the 304.5E2 XTC mini hydraulic excavator, customers should contact their local Cat dealer.

304.5E2 XTC Product Specifications


Engine Model

Cat 2.4

Rated Net Power (ISO9249)

30.0 kW

40.2 hp

Operating Weights

Canopy, Standard Stick

3925 kg

8655 lb

Canopy, Long Stick

3955 kg

8721 lb

Cab, Standard Stick

4050 kg

8930 lb

Cab, Long Stick

4080 kg

8996 lb

Hydraulic System 

Pump Flow @ 2200 rpm

100 Lpm

26.4 gpm

Digging Force -- Stick (Standard)

21.6 kN

4856 lbf

Digging Force -- Stick (Long)

19.5 kN

4384 lbf

Digging Force -- Bucket

37.8 kN

8498 lbf

Dimensions -- Standard Stick

1. Dig Depth

3130 mm

123 in

3. Maximum Reach @ Ground Level

5220 mm

206 in

5. Maximum Dig Height

4980 mm

196 in

Dimensions -- Long Stick


1. Dig Depth

3430 mm

135 in

3. Maximum Reach @ Ground Level

5470 mm

215 in

5. Maximum Dig Height

5070 mm

200 in

Loader Specs

Maximum Height (72" MP cutting edge)

935 mm

37 in

Reach at Maximum Lift and Dump (72" MP)

2040 mm

80 in

Rack Back Angle at Maximum Height (72" MP)

48 °

Maximum Dump Angle (72" MP)

27 °

Breakout Force, 72 inch MP Bucket (Lift)

720 kg

1588 lb

Breakout Force, 72 inch MP Bucket (Tilt)

850 kg

1874 lb

Lift Capacity - 72 inch MP bucket

525 kg

1158 lb

Lift Capacity - 42" Forks

600 kg

1323 lb

Rated Operating Capacity (Max Height) - 72 inch MP Bucket

525 kg

1158 lb

Rated Operating Capacity (Ground) - 72 inch MP Bucket

850 kg

1874 lb

* Rated operating capacity based on hydraulic limit (ROC is the smaller of the hydraulic limit or 50% of the static tipping load)


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