Reduced Weight Cat® 303E CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator Simplifies Transport While Maintaining Performance

For Release in North America: October 2017 
Release Number: 562PR17

The Cat® 303E CR mini hydraulic excavator has been reduced in weight to accommodate customers who require a maximum 10,000-lb (4 536-kg) transport weight—yet performance of the lighter excavator has not been compromised when compared to the current model.

In most states a loaded trailer of more than 10,000 lb (4 536 kg) requires the tow vehicle driver to have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). The new 303E CR weighs 6,750 lb (3 062 kg) when equipped with a canopy, full fuel tank and 24-inch (610-mm) bucket. The weight is down from the previous machine weight of 7,300 lb (3 311 kg), and this difference provides expanded margin to accommodate trailer weight and ancillary equipment while keeping total weight less than 10,000 lb (4 536 kg).

The new 303E CR is 60 inches (1550 mm) wide across the blade and has zero-radius tail swing. The machine is designed to work efficiently in small spaces and on congested job sites, and it’s easy to transport. The cab version will also benefit from the weight reduction.

For customers who do not need to meet the 10,000-lb (4 536-kg) transport requirement and wish to maintain the current machine weight, an optional 588-lb (267-kg) counterweight is available. This configuration is especially useful in heavy duty applications and when using heavy attachment configurations that include couplers and thumbs. The optimal counterweight brings the machine weight back to the current model weight of 7,300 lb (3 311) with a tail swing less than 5 inches (127 mm).

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303E CR Product Specifications



Cat C1.3

Net power, hp (kW)

23.5 (17.5)

Base Weight, canopy, lb (kg)

6,750 (3,062)

Extra Cwt -Weight, canopy, lb (kg)

7,300 (3,311)

Hyd. flow, gpm (L/min.)

23.1 (87.6)

Relief pressure, psi (bar)

3,553 (245)

Dig depth, max., in. (mm)

108 (2,750)

Dig height, max., in. (mm)

178 (4,530)


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