Land Production Generator Sets Land Production Generator Sets

Oil and gas production requires the highest equipment uptime with the lowest operating cost. The Caterpillar product line of land production generator sets is designed around those principles. Every product is designed to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in the oilfield, including oversized generators, cooling systems capable of operation in high ambient temperatures, and rugged package configurations for durability in loading, transportation, and unloading operations.Production operations also rely on low owning and operating costs to be successful. Cat generator sets for land production offer low operating cost and the highest fuel flexibility because they can run on diesel, gas, or both fuels to provide the power needed on site.Caterpillar product line of oilfield gas generator sets provides the lowest fuel cost. Engines are designed to run on low to no-cost well site gas without sacrificing on performance. These generator sets allow customers to significantly reduce fuel cost and avoid the expense and logistics of diesel fuel deliveries.Cat 3500 generator sets with Dynamic Gas Blending offer low operating cost with high application flexibility by displacing diesel with low cost gas when it is available. They can fulfill up to 70% of their fuel needs using gas or they can run on diesel-only mode when gas is not available. Most importantly, diesel performance is maintained and the transition between gas and diesel modes is seamless to the operator.

Land Production Generator Sets



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