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Real Results from the Field

Mine Achieves Double-Digit Availability Jump

After exceeding its fleet maintenance and repair budget for 12 straight months — and watching availability dip — Eagle River Coal turned to our heavy equipment management experts. We worked with the mine and the local dealer to develop a short- and long-term game plan, then provided weekly guidance on conditionmonitoring, backlog management, planning and scheduling, and parts logistics. In just three months, Eagle River started hitting its monthly budget goal and saw a double-digit improvement in machine availability.

County Enhances Cash Flow with Pay For Use™

Big Montana snowfalls mean big demand for snow removal equipment. But “buying and holding” machines for winter use was eating up one county’s fleet maintenance budget. Our fleet management team and dealer Western States stepped in with a solution: Cat® Pay for Use.™ The county pays a monthly minimum and then only for the additional hours it uses the equipment — “banking” hours from slower months to offset busier times. This flexible arrangement has cut fleet maintenance costs and enhanced cash flow.


Quarry Shrinks Fuel Costs by 18%

Lafarge engaged our Job Site Solutions team and dealer Milton Cat to provide production management services at its Ravena quarry. The team established baseline performance, set defined benchmarks and made recommendations for closing the gap between current and best-case performance. By removing one truck, improving haul roads and implementing a new blast pattern, the quarry improved cycle times and payloads — meeting production goals while cutting labor expenses and reducing fuel costs by 18 percent.

Cement Company Saves $750K per Year

Spiraling repair costs, poor availability, too much overtime, high employee turnover and a lack of skilled technicians prompted a limestone quarry feeding a cement plant to seek a heavy equipment management solution. Fleet evaluation and selection, lifecycle planning, maintenance and repair execution, and operator performance management are saving the quarry $750K a year — reducing haul fleet size by 20 percent and cutting fuel and overtime costs. Availability is up, too, with a 34 percent improvement in tons/hour moved.

Waste Operation Cuts Fleet Size by 10%

An environmental services company with more than 3 million customers was struggling to manage varying service provider capabilities and processes, as well as different fleet maintenance and rolling equipment philosophies. Using our expertise — including fleet evaluation and selection, lifecycle planning, rolling five-year equipment forecast and budget, maintenance and repair execution, operator performance management and rebuild management — the company reduced its fleet size by 10 percent, cutting both fuel and rental expenses. Due to improved machine availability and compaction densities, productivity is also on the rise.

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