Happy with your current equipment? Rebuild and keep it.

When a piece of equipment reaches the end of its life, the typical next step is to sell it and move on to a newer model. But what if you really like your current machine? The size is perfect. Your operators are happy with the technology. You don’t need any additional bells and whistles.

Good news: With Caterpillar, you don’t have to give up on end-of-life equipment. Our machines, engines and components are designed for multiple lives, and a Cat® Certified Rebuild lets you take advantage of that built-in extra value. You can keep the equipment you’re comfortable using while restoring — or even improving on — its original performance and productivity levels. And you can do it all at a fraction of the cost of buying a new model.

Like-new machine, fraction-of-new price

Unlike other rebuild programs, a Cat Certified Rebuild truly restores your machine to like-new condition. Our rebuild process is sophisticated, thorough and proven over 35 years. It includes:

  • More than 350 tests and inspections
  • Automatic replacement of parts that don’t meet strict reusability guidelines
  • Engineering updates introduced after the original manufacture date
  • Reconditioning work typically not included in an overhaul
  • Comprehensive power train and performance testing
  • Repainting and new model graphics
  • A new product identification number and a like-new standard warranty

And if you do want to upgrade some features, like adding a backup camera or LED lights for additional safety, you have that option during a rebuild. It’s an easy way to enhance your machine even further while it’s already in the shop — no additional downtime required.

More options to save you money

Here's some more good news: You can rebuild more than just a machine. The Cat Certified Rebuild Program also includes:

  • Power Train Rebuild – brings everything from the radiator to the axles back to new
  • Commercial Engine Rebuild – for marine propulsion engines, generator sets, pumps, locomotives and other power systems
  • Hydraulic Rebuild– restores like-new performance to your excavator’s hydraulic system
  • Machine Component Rebuild – breathes new life into individual components like Cat machine engines, transmissions, torque converters, axle assemblies or final drives




Power Train

Commercial Engine

Machine Component

Ready to learn more about the Cat Certified Rebuild Program and how it can help you keep using the equipment you love for years to come? Get the details here, then talk to your Cat dealer.