Customers review what a CVA does for them

From preventive maintenance to Equipment Protection Plans to dealer advice, Cat® Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) can provide different things for different customers. Don’t take our word for it — hear from customers across the country. From Kansas City to El Paso to Phoenix, these customers show how CVAs impact their business in four key areas.  

1. Hassle-free Ownership

Every CVA’s focus is to deliver you convenient ownership by finding the right agreement for your business on one plan and even options for one payment. So, no matter your preferences regarding dealer service, Cat fluids or the CVA duration, the goal is to keep ownership seamless and costs predictable. Michelle Walker, VP of Finance and Administration at SSC Underground in Arizona, noted, “Those agreements have been a really key component to our operations. The benefit to it for me is from a budgetary standpoint.” Hear from Michelle and others in the video below.

Hassle-free Ownership

2. Hassle-free Maintenance

Nothing gets in the way of uptime like unplanned maintenance issues. You’re not only risking costly repairs, but you’re losing out on money from jobs you could be working. CVAs put maintenance on a plan with the right parts delivered at the right time, with optional dealer maintenance. For customers like Chris Johnson, Equipment Manager at Kaw Valley Companies in Kansas City, this keeps his operation running smoothly. “You don't have to worry about it,” said Johnson. “They call you, they say, ‘Hey, you're coming up, you're due.’ You know that the maintenance side of that machine is put to bed. It's taken care of.” Check out more customer feedback around the maintenance value of a CVA.

Hassle-free Maintenance

3. Security of Expert Dealer Support

Beyond the iron, Cat Customer Value Agreements back you with dealer support. From Equipment Protection Plans to inspections to dealer advice, you benefit from their expertise and ongoing partnership. Miguel Allen, owner of Allen Concrete in Texas, has grown his operation from a few machines up to a 90-machine outfit in the greater El Paso area. With a CVA on every Cat machine he owns, he views the dealer support as a key differentiator. “It was a relationship with Cat. Knowing it's like a partnership on these programs,” Allen said. “You have an expert telling you that your piece of equipment is okay.” From the equipment to the accounting books, hear how customers value dealer support from their CVAs.

Security of Expert Dealer Support

4. Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. But you can count on peace of mind in every CVA. With easy access through the Cat App and My.Cat.Com, you can monitor machine hours, location and key health alerts to ensure your equipment’s running right. Paired with other benefits of a CVA, peace of mind goes beyond just a feeling. Jeff Gatton, owner of JAG Excavating Inc. in Kansas City, spoke of how his agreement helps toward the ultimate business goal. “The big picture is no downtime,” said Gatton. “I know every day a machine doesn't break is a day closer to it breaking, and I know if I can avoid that day as long as possible — then our profitability is that much better.” Hear more about the safety and confidence CVAs can deliver.

Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management

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Every day, these customers experience the value of their CVAs. What sort of plan could lift your operation? There are countless ways these one-stop solutions can help your equipment stay easy to own and ready to work. Check out more information on Cat Customer Value Agreements, from options to special offers to downloadable materials you can review with your dealer. 

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