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Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) Undercarriage with DuraLink
Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) Undercarriage with DuraLink





The longer your undercarriage lasts, the lower your total cost of ownership. Because Cat® undercarriage is designed and manufactured by Caterpillar to specifically match your machine requirements, your Cat dealer can provide you with inspections and services that ensure every component lasts as long as possible before replacement.




Maximize the life of your undercarriage


Undercarriage costs can account for up to 50% of your machine’s parts and service costs. That’s why it’s critical you take care of your dozer's undercarriage with proper maintenance. Watch this D11 walkaround video for best practices on what to look for to ensure you maximize undercarriage component life.


Dozer Maintenance Video


More Tips for monitoring health
and controlling costs

Monitoring the condition of your undercarriage components regularly gives you the information needed to predict when maintenance will be required. Custom Track Service from your dealer provides you with regular inspections and wear life documentation so that your undercarriage won’t fail unexpectedly. Here are some maintenance checks you can do yourself.

Dozer Tips
Dozer Tips


Operation Checklist


Proper shoe selection and smart operation will make your undercarriage work better and last longer. Here are four ways to get the most from your Cat undercarriage investment.


Always use the narrowest shoe possible

while still allowing for adequate flotation


Minimize high operating speeds

in nonproductive situations, especially in reverse


Alternate turning direction

since turning in only one direction wears out one side of the undercarriage faster than the other


Monitor track spin

which reduces production while increasing wear on all undercarriage components


Maintenance Tips


Practicing undercarriage preventive maintenance is an efficient way to extend undercarriage wear life and avoid undercarriage component failures. Below are some key practices you can follow.


Call your parts & service representative

for expert advice and service


Adjust the track for correct tension

in its working environment


Tighten track hardware

using the Caterpillar torque-turn method for precise control


Perform daily inspections

checking for loose bolts, leaking seals and abnormal wear


Remove mud and debris

so that rollers are able to turn properly



Selection Factors


If repair is not an effective option for your undercarriage, ask these questions to help decide which Cat undercarriage is the right fit for your work and your machine. Precisely defining these parameters will help lead you to the best choice for your needs.


How long will I own this machine?


How many hours a week will I use this machine?


What are my typical ground/soil conditions?


What are my impact conditions?


What attachments are on my dozer?


What grades/slopes are typical on my jobsites?





Dozer undercarriage is a big investment, so it pays to choose wisely. Turn to your local Cat dealer for money-saving advice on selection, operation, maintenance and repair.

Consultation on Cat Machine
Consultation on Cat Machine





How to clean your undercarriage


For heavy equipment with tracks, getting dirty is a part of the job. But to protect the life of the undercarriage, regular cleaning and maintenance will go a long way to extended wear. Caterpillar recommends to power wash on a regular basis and always promptly remove any large rocks, mud or debris that get logged between the tracks. Many operators carry a shovel for just this purpose.

D7R Dozer Certified Rebuild Testimonial Video





Super Extreme Service (SES)
Track Shoes

Built for Cat D11 dozers working in hard rock, SES shoes feature more wear material and beefier construction. Are they right for your application?

Get the Facts
Super Extreme Service (SES) Track Shoes for D11 Dozers
Super Extreme Service (SES) Track Shoes for D11 Dozers





Understanding Repair Options Helps Control Costs

Knowing the repair options available can help you make the right choices when repairs or replacements are needed. Take a look at the repair options for the models below.

Undercarriage Repair Options for Dozers
Undercarriage Repair Options for Dozers


D9N Repair Options Brochure

D6N Repair Options

Look at Options


D8R/T Repair Options Brochure

D8R/T Repair Options

Explore Options


D6R/T Repair Options Brochure

D6R/T Repair Options

Compare Options


D9R Repair Options Brochure

D9R Repair Options

View Options


D10T Repair Options Brochure

D10T Repair Options

Discover Options


D11R/T Repair Options Brochure

D11R/T Repair Options

See Options




Undercarriage Brochures

Understanding undercarriage components and how they work in relation to machine size and weight is important to performance, wear life and maintenance. View brochures by dozer size below.

Undercarriage Brochures for Dozers
Undercarriage Brochures for Dozers


Small Dozer Undercarriage Choices

Small Dozers

View Brochure


Medium Dozer Undercarriage Choices

Medium Dozers

Get Brochure


Large Dozer Undercarriage Choices

Large Dozers

See Brochure




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Undercarriage Choices
for Dozers

Undercarriage is available in multiple types designed to match dozers and underfoot conditions. All come as complete systems or as components. Explore your options.

Undercarriage Choices for Dozers
Undercarriage Choices for Dozers


Cat Abrasion™ Undercarriage

Cat Abrasion™ performs better and lasts 50% longer than conventional undercarriage in your high-abrasion, low-to-medium impact applications. Available for D3-D6 dozers.

See Cat Abrasion


General Duty Undercarriage

General Duty delivers low cost per hour in light-duty, low-to-moderate earthmoving applications. Available for D6-D11 dozers.

Go to General Duty


Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) with DuraLink™ Undercarriage

Built on proven Cat Heavy Duty undercarriage, HDXL takes performance to the next level with exceptional wear life and lower cost per hour in tough applications. Available for D6-D11 dozers.

More on HDXL


Heavy Duty Undercarriage

Tackle high-impact, high-production applications with maximum durability and no fear of breaking or cracking. Available for D9-D11 dozers.

View Heavy Duty






Customer Value Agreements

Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) provide a hassle-free management solution that helps you get up to 20% more undercarriage life, with pay-as-you-go pricing and flexible dealer support. Each CVA comes with flexible options to craft a plan for your operation to streamline cash flow, improve machine availability and control your undercarriage cost per hour.

Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)
Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)


Maintenance CVAs for Construction and Mining

Get the right parts on time — parts that can extend component life by up to 50%. Choose scalable options, from delivered kits for do-it-yourself maintenance up to flexible dealer labor and component assurance programs. All that and more, right this way.

D3-D8 Dozers
D9-D11 Dozers


Undercarriage CVAs for Mining

On new or used D9-D11 dozers, Cat Undercarriage CVAs can help you maximize your undercarriage investment. It starts with controlled cash flow. You pay only for the hours your undercarriage achieves, which can be up to 20% more than the competition. Other flexible options range from replacement kits to dealer labor and managed inventory.

See CVA Options






A Lineup of Top Performers

Caterpillar is the only OEM that designs and manufactures its own undercarriage. Learn more about the proven performance of Cat undercarriage.

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Undercarriage for Excavators

See selection and maintenance tips, plus factors that impact your excavator undercarriage and how you can reduce wear and minimize your total costs.

View Excavator Tips