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Cat® Remote Fleet Vision

All the Information You Need, with No Data Overload

With Cat® Remote Fleet Vision, you can locate, track and manage all of your assets with just a few clicks — no matter where you’re located or what brands you operate. Cat Remote Fleet Vision collects data from hardware that may already be integrated into your assets, then serves that information up to you through an easy-to-use web interface. Instead of guessing about where your assets are, what they’re doing and how they’re performing, you’ll know. That means you can work more efficiently and lower your operating costs.

remote fleet vision field data remote fleet vision field data

Manage performance and condition in real time

Track assets day by day, hour by hour, and take action on key data using Cat Remote Fleet Vision’s user-friendly dashboard. View equipment location, utilization, daily fuel use and alerts plus fleet totals on one screen. Customize with the data you want to see and schedule reports.

remote fleet vision alerts remote fleet vision alerts

Get the right info to the right people at the right time

Receive an immediate “report by exception” alert when an asset goes down. Customize alerts and get them in real time via text and email. Stay on top of equipment location by setting up site boundaries and security alerts. 

remote fleet vision runtime reports remote fleet vision runtime reports

Increase utilization by comparing run time vs. idle time

Instantly spot any asset working under capacity. Compare equipment utilization, identify inefficient use, right-size your fleet and find routing improvement opportunities.

remote fleet vision reports runtime remote fleet vision reports runtime

Determine responsibility for first-out shutdowns

Receive a report that details the reason an asset failed. Differentiate between mechanical and operational availability so you can determine who is responsible for downtime. 

Exlpore Your Cat Remote Fleet Vision Hardware Options

remote fleet vision RMS680 remote fleet vision RMS680


Collects basic equipment information (location, hours, run status, first-out shutdown) and sends it to Cat Remote Fleet Vision via a satellite communication device.

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ple601 product link ple601 product link


Allows you to acquire more detailed engine data by translating Cat Data Link and J1939 information into a usable format.

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ple641 ple641


Integrates a GPS receiver with a 3G cellular communication system and when paired with PLE601 hardware will relay hours, location and other asset data to an information storage database to be viewed and analyzed through Cat equipment management software.

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