Cat Hoses and Couplings CVA
Cat Hoses and Couplings CVA

What to Know About Cat® Hoses & Couplings CVAs 

Here are two ways to learn more about Cat® Hoses & Couplings Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) for mining: Watch the video below, or read on to learn more about these customized plans that help keep your equipment working and make your life easier.

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In this video, Caterpillar Senior Consultant Diego Vicentin answers three common questions about Cat® Hoses & Couplings CVAs.

Cat® Customer Value Agreements | Hose & Couplings CVA FAQ


A hydraulic hose seems like a simple thing — a reinforced tube with some metal bits on each end. But in fact, they’re complex and essential components that carry the lifeblood of every mining machine. A blown hose or a failed coupling can take a vital piece of equipment down in a heartbeat. 

Fortunately, there is a way to help predict and prevent those production-stopping incidents, while adding convenience and cost savings to your operation: Work with your Cat dealer to customize a Hoses & Couplings CVA for your fleet.  

Here, we’ll answer some key questions you may have about these affordable CVA plans and show you how they can work to keep your mine site humming around the clock. 

What is a CVA for Hoses & Couplings? 

One of many Cat component CVA offerings, a Hoses & Couplings CVA is a smart, customizable plan that makes sure you have the right parts and tools — on hand and available 24/7 — for quick hose repairs or replacements. 

Your CVA is a whole-fleet maintenance solution that helps keep your equipment hydraulic systems healthy while keeping costs under control. With three available levels of service, you can shape a plan that fits your business and productivity goals. 

For do-it-yourself hose repairs, this CVA can supply all the tooling and training your crew needs to build quality hose assemblies using genuine Cat parts in your own shop.

Or you can use a higher-level CVA that lets you lean on your Cat dealer for assembly — off-site for quick delivery or on-site for the fastest service. You’ll get Certified Hose Assembly by trained technicians, with the added security of a one-year warranty on all assembled hoses. 

All dealer support programs and payment options are customized to your needs — based on agreement length, fleet size and component consumption.

What will this CVA do for my operation? 

The #1 goal behind any CVA is to add value to your operation. This CVA delivers real convenience. It helps to maximize uptime by enabling fast hose replacements and on-the-spot repairs, all at an affordable — and more predictable — cost to your operation.


“This CVA is a hassle-free solution for your hose & couplings management.”

— Diego Vicentin, Caterpillar senior consultant


Your Cat dealer will customize a complete solution, tailored to match your operation’s needs.  You decide what’s best for your operation and your dealer will deliver.

No matter which level of CVA you choose, your plan will provide these essential benefits: 

  • Guaranteed delivery with turnaround in as little as four hours for both planned and emergency replacements, so you can get a downed machine up and running again fast.
  • Flexible payment plans that let you pay for stock only when you use it. Or you can select monthly payments on a cost-per-hour basis, based on asset utilization.
  • Dealer inventory management to make sure you have the right hose parts for all your machines. Order up to two months of initial stock at no up-front cost, with competitive inventory buy-back programs.
  • Hydraulics adviser reports and inspection services that offer vital information about the status of your hydraulic systems, helping you predict and prevent hose and hydraulic system issues.

For an even more comprehensive solution, your CVA can include premium hose management services, such as:

  • Dealer installation & removal services, with remote or on-site dealer assembly, to take the burden of hose maintenance off your shoulders.
  • Contamination monitoring to ensure that your hydraulic systems are running clean for optimum life and performance.
  • Mobile hose shop container. Your dealer can install a fully equipped mobile hose assembly shop right on your site, housed in a standard shipping container and equipped with a complete test bench — all at no upfront cost.


Will this Cat CVA cover my entire fleet, including machines from other OEMs? 

Of course. Your Hoses & Couplings CVA is a full-fleet solution that helps you manage hose repairs and replacements for all Cat and mixed-fleet equipment. Plus, you get all your hoses, couplings and assemblies from one convenient source.  

Even better, Cat hoses & coupling components are simply the best in the business. Thoroughly lab-tested and proven on mine sites around the world, they deliver long life and maximum performance under the toughest conditions and in most demanding applications.  

Visit the Cat CVAs for Mining website for more information, then contact your Cat dealer to shape a Hose & Couplings CVA for your operation.


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