Hose & Coupling Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)
Hose & Coupling Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)



Your mining fleet’s performance hinges on the reliability of its hydraulic hoses and couplings. You need a solid plan to make sure you have the right parts and tools — available 24/7 — for quick repairs or replacements. A Cat® Hose and Coupling Customer Value Agreement (CVA) is a hassle-free lifecycle management plan for your equipment’s hydraulic systems — whether Cat or mixed fleets. From delivered supply to onsite solutions with zero upfront costs*, your dealer tailors a CVA for your operation to improve operating costs, inventory management and, most of all, uptime.

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*Support programs and payment options are based on agreement length, fleet size and component consumption.





What are Hose & Coupling CVAs?

Hose and Coupling CVAs are a smart way to manage inventory, while keeping costs under control. You have the option to get the tooling and training your crew need to crimp your own hoses…or you can rely on dealer hose experts for safe, onsite support — from inspection through installation. Your Cat dealer will work with you to configure the CVA that your operation demands.

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Zero Upfront Cost* on Tooling & Stock


Maximum Uptime


Up to 100% Convenience


*Support programs and payment options are based on agreement length, fleet size and component consumption.





Hassle-Free Ownership    

Your dealer can supply everything from essential tooling to a fully equipped container with a complete test bench installed on site — with no upfront cost. You get the option to order up to two months of initial stock at no cost as well, with a competitive inventory buy-back program. You pay for the stock only when you use it, or you can select a single monthly payment. Plus, you can opt for a flexible payment on a cost-per-hour basis, based on asset utilization.

CVA Value: Hassle-Free Ownership
CVA Value: Hassle-Free Ownership

Hassle-Free Maintenance    

Every CVA includes Cat dealer inventory management. When you need supplies, parts or complete hose assemblies, you can count on having everything in stock and on hand to get your equipment running again, with minimum downtime. Your CVA includes training and service instructions for your crew, or the fast-growing option to have you dealer assemble hoses for you right on site, with turnaround in a matter of hours.

CVA Value: Hassle-Free Maintenance
CVA Value: Hassle-Free Maintenance

Security of Expert
Dealer Support        

Talk with your dealer about the level of service and support you need, and you can customize a CVA to match. Guaranteed turnaround and delivery for replacement assemblies, remote or onsite repair support, full-fleet solutions for every machine, dealer fitting service to install assemblies on the machine — they’re all options for your Hose and Coupling CVA. You decide what’s best for your operation and your Cat dealer will deliver.

CVA Value: Security of Expert Dealer Support
CVA Value: Security of Expert Dealer Support

Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management

From Hydraulics Advisor reports to machine connectivity and essential inspections, your Hose and Coupling CVA includes equipment health management services that provide real peace of mind. You get OEM-quality replacements within hours, along with condition monitoring to help prevent failures and unplanned downtime. You can opt for Certified Hose Assembly, too, which provides a one-year warranty on all dealer assembled hoses.

CVA Value: Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management
CVA Value: Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management





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Find the right CVA for your operation:




Your crew provides assembly and installation labor. Your Cat dealer provides parts, supplies, inventory management and flexible tooling options, from basic tooling to a complete onsite hose shop.

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Looking to take some of the repair and replacement burden off of your crew’s shoulders? With this plan, your Cat dealer assembles your hoses and couplings as needed and provides onsite inspections.

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This full-service, onsite solution includes complete hose assembly, inspection, installation and inventory management services. Your Cat dealer takes care of your hose and coupling needs while you take care of business.

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Contact your Cat® dealer. Shape your CVA plan.

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Maintenance for Mining CVAs

On any plan, get the right parts on time — parts which can extend component life by up to 50%. Choose scalable options, from delivered kits for do-it-yourself maintenance up to flexible dealer labor and component assurance programs. All that and more, right this way.

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GET & Bucket CVAs

Want to minimize downtime? Stay on top of bucket and GET supplies, rebuilds and replacements by ensuring you always have the right components on hand and ready to go. Plus, customize options like cost-per-ton guarantees, inventory management, training and technical support, optimized bucket configurations and more.

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Undercarriage CVAs

For strong machine performance, a lot rides on your undercarriage. Get component assurance, machine alerts and the right parts at the right time — all with a cost-per-hour payment structure. It’s a flexible plan to maximize your uptime with zero upfront cost.

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Powertrain CVAs

Check out all the Powertrain CVAs available for your new or current fleet. Track equipment health, keep up with planned maintenance and control your costs. Your dealer will help your shape a plan that holds the line on your cost-containment goals — costs per ton, costs per hour or costs per mile/kilometer.

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