Maintenance for Mining Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)
Maintenance for Mining Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)



Cat® Maintenance for Mining Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) make sure you get the parts and service you need — right on time for planned maintenance, predicted accurately through machine connectivity. For surface and underground equipment, your dealer customizes your plan with options like flexible payment terms, your choice of delivered preventive maintenance (PM) kits or dealer PM services, plus Cat fluids and fluid analysis. It’s a tailored solution to plan for uptime and reduce risk of unplanned costs. With three levels to build from, you and your Cat dealer can shape a perfect fit for your operation.

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What are Maintenance for Mining CVAs?

Maintenance for Mining CVAs provide a hassle-free, whole-fleet management solution that reduces cost per hour and keeps you on track with timely fleet maintenance. Each CVA comes with flexible options for value-added services and delivers solid results — including peace of mind through controlled costs, reliable PM parts delivery and Cat parts proven to extend the life of your equipment.

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Three Levels of CVA Service


Optimum Capability & Performance


100% Hassle-Free Experience






Hassle-Free Ownership    

Maintenance for Mining CVAs come with flexible payment terms and can be rolled into new machine financing. Incentive pricing is available for longer-term arrangements. Streamlined procurement means you can reduce your maintenance parts inventory, or your Cat dealer can manage inventory for you. And your dealer is always available for expert advice on equipment management and maintenance operations.

CVA Value: Hassle-Free Ownership
CVA Value: Hassle-Free Ownership


Hassle-Free Maintenance    

Every Maintenance for Mining CVA includes dealer-assembled preventive maintenance kits. Delivered right when you need them, these kits not only combine all needed parts into one convenient package — these superior parts can extend component life by up to 50%. For options around Cat fluids and dealer labor, explore the three CVAs below, then shape a plan with your dealer to streamline your maintenance.

CVA Value: Hassle-Free Maintenance
CVA Value: Hassle-Free Maintenance


Security of Expert
Dealer Support        

Looking for component life guarantees or shared risk programs? Training or consulting services? Expert troubleshooting and diagnostics? No problem. Your Cat dealer is ready to build in the precise level of support your operation needs — from hands-off to fully engaged. Your CVA can also include aftermarket component protection plans, contamination control training, dealer repairs, clearing backlog and much more.

CVA Value: Security of Expert Dealer Support
CVA Value: Security of Expert Dealer Support


Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management

From machine connectivity to essential inspections to fluid analysis and complete asset health monitoring, your Maintenance for Mining CVA gives you options for peace of mind. Whether your crew performs recommended inspections or you leave them up to your Cat dealer, you’ll sleep better knowing that you’re doing everything you can to extend filter and fluid life, exercise better control of your cash flow and avoid unplanned downtime.

CVA Value: Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management
CVA Value: Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management






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Find the right CVA for your operation:




Perfect for when you just need parts and supplies. Your crew provides the labor. Your Cat dealer provides preventive maintenance (PM) kits with the right parts, right on time.

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Along with delivering timely PM kits, your Cat dealer performs PM4 (2,000-hour) services and inspections onsite. You can also opt for a range of Component Assurance Programs.

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This comprehensive plan includes fully dealer-managed PM kits and services, with inventory management, tracking, planning, logistics and execution.

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Contact your Cat® dealer. Shape your CVA plan.

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Hydraulic Hose & Coupling CVAs

High utilization means steady hose and coupling turnover. This is a customizable, hassle-free solution to manage your hose and coupling needs. Scale from delivered replacement kits to a dealer-managed onsite hose assembly shop. Plus, explore options for utilization-based payment with zero upfront cost* on tooling and stock.

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GET & Bucket CVAs

Want to minimize downtime? Stay on top of bucket and GET supplies, rebuilds and replacements by ensuring you always have the right components on hand and ready to go. Plus, customize options like cost-per-ton guarantees, inventory management, training and technical support, optimized bucket configurations and more.

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Undercarriage CVAs

For strong machine performance, a lot rides on your undercarriage. Get component assurance, machine alerts and the right parts at the right time — all with a cost-per-hour payment structure. It’s a flexible plan to maximize your uptime with zero upfront cost.

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Powertrain CVAs

Check out all the Powertrain CVAs available for your new or current fleet. Track equipment health, keep up with planned maintenance and control your costs. Your dealer will help your shape a plan that holds the line on your cost-containment goals — costs per ton, costs per hour or costs per mile/kilometer.

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*Support programs and payment options are based on agreement length, fleet size and component consumption.