5 Reasons To Put Technology On Your To-Do List



Getting more done at the lowest cost is the goal. Seems simple enough, but as we all know, the challenges are many – not enough skilled operators, equipment at the wrong site, materials not delivered and phone calls that go unanswered are just a few. The good news is that in the same way technology has made our lives easier, it can bring new levels of efficiency to our work.



1. Fewer people get more work done.

Laser- and satellite-guided machines can achieve grade and compaction sepcs without a single grade checker or surveyor. An added efficiency boost comes from the increased speed with which they complete the job. 


2. Operator accuracy is better.

With a variety of automated technologies that "assist" the operator with buckets and blades, operators are fast and precise...regardless of their years of experience.

Operator's hand

3. Safety Performance Improves.

Monitoring and detection technologies on both workers and machines increase awareness of all the moving pieces on the job. When they "see" all the potential hazards, they can avoid them.

Operator Smiling with Tablet

4. Equipment monitoring is only a click away.

Equipment location, performance, fuel consumption and even idle time can be checked on any wireless device. Refueling can be optimized. Equipment failures avoided. Operating costs reduced.

Close-up of Operator Holding Phone

5. Requests for information can be answered through multiple channels. 

Smartphones and tablets make it possible for everyone on the site to have access to critical project information included in blueprints and specifications. Connected to the cloud or internet, these same devices allow crews to access additional resources, such as regulations and permits, to get the answers they need and stay on schedule. 

Two Operators Looking at a Phone


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