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This is the second in a series of articles about how technology can help construction companies optimize performance across their worksites with faster more accurate communication. When information gets to the right people, at the right time – everyone has a better opportunity to meet their priorities. In our first article, we talked about the advantages of using Cloud computing to share information. In this article we’re focused on accessing information via the Cloud. When your crew has instant access to important information from their phone or tablet they can:

  • check codes and specifications for materials → Impacts quality

  • approve material orders/deliveries with no waiting → Impacts deadlines

  • confirm crew payroll or time off → Impacts operations

  • manage maintenance schedules with no downtime → Impacts maintenance



According to a Texas A&M survey in 2015, 72% of construction professionals use smartphones at work; 53.9% use laptops and 50.1% use tablets*. Phones and tablets let employees access and share accurate information with the tap of a finger.

One contractor found that superintendents using a voice-to-text application (app) could save at least 30 minutes a day in preparing reports. There are a wide number of apps that can be useful for your team in the field.


Here are some of the most often used apps:

  • Permit apps (for sending and receiving permits).

  • Resource tracking apps (tag assets and monitor their location)

  • Inventory apps (monitoring items that are depleted and restocked)

  • Fleet tracking apps (monitor vehicle routes and fuel)

  • Inspection apps (speed walk arounds)

  • Safety apps (notification system to alert foremen of problems)

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