Add an Attachment
Add an Attachment

Looking to Add More Revenue? Add an Attachment

The search for more work is a constant challenge. An often-overlooked way to put more work on the books is to take a look at the selection of attachments available for your equipment. The right attachment can create a whole new line of business or expand jobsite capabilities. For example, maybe you’ve seen an increased need in your area for site clearing, demolition work or snow removal, just to name a few. Here are some quick questions to think about as you consider adding an attachment:

  • Are you comfortable investing in a used attachment?
    Buying used is a great way to get more value. Here are some tips as you consider used attachments:
    • Be sure you know critical systems and common wear points that should be inspected on the used attachment and ask to see a working demonstration.
    • Take any relevant machine/tool specifications into consideration, such as hydraulic flow and pressure requirements or control compatibility.
    • Check with your equipment dealer to see if they have used attachments available. Your dealer may have sold and/or serviced those tools and be able to confirm condition and service history.
    • If you’re still not ready to purchase, see if the attachment you’re interested in is available as a rental. It’s a great way to do a trial run.

  • Could you use an attachment to improve machine uptime on your current jobs?
    Take a look at your typical jobs and map out the utilization for your machines. Are there periods where certain machines are sitting idle? Could those machines be working if you had the right attachment? How many working hours would it take to recoup the cost of the attachment?

  • Are there other jobs you could bid if you had an attachment?
    Maybe you could configure a machine to meet new demands in your area. Many mid_sized cities are renovating their downtowns. Excavators and backhoe loaders equipped with hammers, thumbs or grapples can work on demolition jobs. Depending on your terrain, site clearing and preparation could be accomplished with attachments.

  • Are there seasonal opportunities you should consider?
    What’s the average snowfall in your region? Many contractors become successful snow removal companies in the winter months by adding the right attachment and leveraging their network of customers.

You can increase your efficiency with attachments by installing a quick coupler system. These systems allow operators to switch buckets and attachments quickly and safely right from the cab. When equipped with the right technology, machines can identify an attachment and automatically load the preferred operating settings. Talk to your Cat® dealer today about how adding an attachment can add to your bottom line.


We know the work can change day to day. It’s why we offer the widest selection of work tool attachments in the industry; so one machine has the versatility to do more. Browse over 35 types of Cat attachments for the construction and paving industry. 

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