Open Bowl Scraper
Open Bowl Scraper

Open Bowl Scrapers Designed for More Productivity

New updates to the Cat® 631K and 637K are focused around improving operator comfort, which in turn improves productivity. The 637K boosts productivity between 8 and 12 percent above its predecessor, while the 631K delivers a productivity advantage between 6 and 8 percent. In addition, both scrapers feature Sequence Assist and Load Assist technologies.

Sequence Assist

automates as many as 14 individual implement commands into button clicks. Inexperienced operators get help with speed and accuracy; more experienced operators are less fatigued and more engaged with site efficiency.

Load Assist 

controls the cutting edge during loading, which simplifies the process. In the past the typical learning curve for a scraper operator was about three months. With Load Assist, they can be operational in about a week. For more experienced operators, the feature can be disabled.
Other advanced features include:

  • Tire Spin Reduction: A standard feature that when tire slippage is sensed will automatically reduce engine rpms and vary them to bring slip into an acceptable range. This feature better controls tire wear and cost.
  • Advanced Tire Spin Reduction: This optional upgrade adds GPS and software to enhance Tire Spin Reduction, allowing the system to control slip from the beginning cut to the end.
  • Payload Estimator: Calculates payload by measuring bowl-lift-cylinder pressure at the start of the haul segment. The system works best in tandem with Sequence Assist and achieves better than 95 percent accuracy compared with actual scale weights.
  • Cat GRADE: According to Caterpillar 40 to 50 percent of scrapers leave the factory equipped with Cat GRADE, a Cat Connect technology. Cat GRADE helps operators avoid overfilling and overdoing the cut—the most common inefficiencies in this type of earthmoving.

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Get the power, traction, and speed for reliable output in a variety of earthmoving applications with Cat Wheel Tractor Scrapers. 


Fusion™ Coupler for More Efficient Wheel Loader Performance

The Fusion coupler system—designed for Caterpillar wheel loaders from the 924 to the 972, including the IT38 and IT62—pulls the coupler and work tool closer to the wheel loader for machine performance comparable to pin-on, but with all the versatility and flexibility of a coupler. It features:

  • A center of gravity closer to the machine
  • An open frame design
  • Wedges to pull the attachment to the machine in two directions
  • Constant hydraulic pressure on the coupler wedges to help compensate for wear