CONEXPO tips: What Experts
look for at the show


What are you most excited for at this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG?

LONNIE / HEAVY CONSTRUCTION: Talking with Customers – I am excited to talk with contractors, learn about their businesses and share how Caterpillar can improve their operations.    

BRANDON / SERVICES: Operator Stadium — Our setup is so different this year with Operator Stadium, so I’m excited for customers to see the experience we’ve built for them. I’m also looking forward to showcasing our digital solutions. We’ve made a lot of changes based on customer feedback and I’m excited to talk to customers face-to-face and see what they think.

LYNETTE / ECOMMERCE: Machines in Action — The live demos showing our equipment in action and all the services we offer together in one area will be exciting to see.

DAVE / REBUILD: The D7R and Cat® Certified Rebuild — I’m excited to highlight the D7R at our outdoor arena. 2020 marks the 35th year anniversary of the Cat Certified Rebuild program, so it’s great to celebrate that at the show.

JASON / QUARRY & AGGREGATES: Global Operator Challenge!! It’s the first time in history it’s ever been done and it’s a great way to highlight operators and recognize their value and impact to fuel efficiency, machine selection and jobsite efficiency.


What products or trends are you looking for during this CONEXPO-CON/AGG?

LYNETTE: Ways to Shop Online — Online retailers like Amazon provide outstanding customer service and quick shipping, which has changed the expectations of our customers. It’s exciting to join this movement with the new Cat eCommerce website, which is gaining popularity for wear and maintenance parts. I’m looking forward to seeing how this new fast and easy parts delivery website can help our customers.

LONNIE: The Latest New Assist Features  I’m looking for the latest technologies that help automate the functionality of a machine. The industry should embrace all technology platforms available, including Grade, Payload, Compaction, Telematics and Detect/Wearables. Each of these technologies improve operations, reduce risk and control costs.

DAVE: The Real Use of Data and Technology Connected assets aren’t new. It’s what we are doing with the information since we’ve introduced these technologies that matters. Now it’s about how customers integrate that with the current systems and processes they’re using today. 

BRANDON: Autonomy — I want to hear what new solutions are helping customers use technology to be more productive and make more money. In the agricultural industry, you have the field mapped out with telematics, it’s almost autonomous. We’ve been doing that for years in mining, but we’re really just getting started in construction. I want to see industry’s willingness to adopt that technology further. 

JASON: Anything to Address the Skilled Trades Gap  Last CONEXPO, I saw technologies that address people shortage and change data to actions. Drone services, telematics and operator ease of use features were everywhere. I am curious how these offerings have grown, and most importantly, which ones customers have implemented into business. If people shortages, skilled trade enrollments and attraction of young workers continues the current path, autonomy and automation of any shape and form will be needed for companies to survive.


What types of technologies interest you the most?

DAVE: Maintenance Tools and Small Business Use — I want to see how customers use analytical tools to drive repair options when it’s most economically advantageous for them. Also, there are a lot of smaller companies going to the show. I want to know what types of solutions will help these customers use technology for their fleet. A lot of smaller customers may be hesitant or not have resources (whether people or time) for implementation, so I’m curious what market solutions exist to help them with that transition.

LONNIE: Compaction Compaction is the most important process in the material handling and placement workflow. Compact technology provides the greatest benefits to quality and longevity. Regardless if the material being compacted is soil, aggregate or hot mix asphalt, the quality of the end product is ensured through the empowerment and real-time visibility of material stiffness and coverage to the operator.

JASON: Embedded equipment features like payload systems or grade control systems  The technologies that improve operator and machine efficiencies and reduce operating costs are always interesting. Why? The basic wheel loader, excavator or haul truck design has not changed for many, many years. But enhanced machine productivity systems have clearly improved those basic designs.

BRANDON: Any Piece of Technology That Gets Someone Away from a Computer  I’m interested in providing customers insights on the go. VisionLink, which allows customers to be where they need to be to make money and still know what’s going on with the rest of their fleet. Also, we’ve redesigned Cat Inspect to make it easier to do inspections and I can’t wait to hear what customers think about that.


How can show attendees maximize their show experience?

JASON: Study the Show Guides and Maps — The show is so big and spread out and grows more every time, so it really does require some pre-planning to see, visit and talk to those of interest to any attendee.

DAVE: Engage the Show Workers and Ask Questions — A lot of times people go to trade shows and don’t feel comfortable asking show workers the question. The show workers do appreciate the engagement with customers.

BRANDON: Know That We Can Only Get Better Together — It’s a really unique opportunity to talk to the experts at these companies. You may not have a chance like that again. Ask the questions you want to know and see what we can get done together.

LONNIE: Focus on Your Business Needs —  Have a well-defined plan of the exhibitors you are most interested in seeing. Find who will help your business grow and improve.


How will this year’s show be better than previous shows?

LONNIE: Outside Celebration of the Trades  The new outdoor exhibits in the Festival Grounds along Las Vegas Blvd. will be a must stop for showgoers. Caterpillar will have a 60,000-square-foot outdoor exhibit featuring new products and technology. Operator Stadium will honor men and women in the trades for the work they do every day to make the world a better place to live.  

JASON: Big Demos — For the first time, we can conduct large scale machine demonstrations that will highlight exactly how our services, products, solutions and technologies are applicable, valuable and help customers.

DAVE: Machines in the Dirt — Static displays are cool, but it is way better to see the machines actually performing as intended.

BRANDON: The Big Showdown — The Global Operator Challenge finals will be really neat. I saw some regional events and I’m excited to see how it will look on the big stage.


What do you think is the most underrated part of the show? Any best kept secrets?

DAVE: Seeing the Industry as a Whole — It’s cool to see all the different products and technologies being used for so many different applications, from running fiberoptic cable to what’s needed for sewage treatment. CONEXPO is a rare chance to look at the industry in its totality.

LONNIE: Connecting with Experts — Use the product and technology experts on the show floor! A five minute conversation could help you find the best product for your needs.

BRANDON: Coming on Friday or Saturday  The show really starts to slow down, so it’s a great time to either bring your kids or get to spend more time with the show workers.

JASON: Watching the Global Operator Challenge —  Where else can you watch the best operators from around the world compete LIVE and right in front of you on the latest machines? It is NASCAR, MMA, the Olympics, World Cup, Stanley Cup and the Super Bowl all in one place. There are many new products, new product features, new technologies and services that will be revealed at CONEXPO. If I said anymore, they would not be secrets…so come to Operator Stadium and see them all for yourself.