Technology and the Construction Industry

If you're not a step ahead, you may already be two steps behind.

Technology and Construction
Technology and Construction

Construction Technology is Reshaping the Industry

Telematics and machine automation technologies are changing the construction game. From grade control to machine data analysis, production management to emission monitoring, smart construction companies know they have to keep up . . . or risk falling behind their competition. The articles presented here will help you see what's new, decide which of the latest advances will work best for your business, and learn how to apply them to your operations.

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Productivity, fuel consumption, fleet optimization, safety—our technology articles explore what matters most to you, your crew, and your bottom line. Whether you’re looking to add technology to your current machine or want new ways to get more value out of the technology on your equipment, we have thought provoking articles that will inspire you and drive you forward. Plus, we delve into the thoughts and concepts of the future—linking you to new ideas and sparking thought about what could be in store for the changing construction industry.

The Contractor’s Best Friend Podcast

The ultimate “motivational and informational” podcast tailored for heavy equipment owners and operators on the go. Listen in to learn about essential tips, tools and tech needed to develop your business and improve efficiency and productivity.

Contractor's Best Friend Podcast
Contractor's Best Friend Podcast

Cat® Construction Technology

Cat® construction technology makes your machines and your operators more productive. It improves efficiency, saves fuel and reduces operating costs across your fleet. Many systems can also be added to mixed-fleet machines. Cat technology helps you get more done every day, and pays for itself time and time again.

Cat Technology for Construction Industries
construction technology
construction technology

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