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If there’s an ideal application for remote control (RC) heavy equipment, it’s controlled demolition. From unstable walls and falling debris to hazardous dust, demolition workers face constant threats. But what if operators could run demolition equipment from a safe distance away from potential hazards?

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Remote control technologies allow machines to go where people shouldn’t dare — under fall-prone walls, on unstable surfaces or near drop-offs. They can also be valuable for working in unhealthy environments, or with toxic or radioactive materials.

Demolition companies can start small with a line-of-sight (LOS) system. These small, portable systems get the operators out of the cab and off the machine, while keeping them within sight of the machine itself. Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) systems let operates run demolition equipment from a more permanent location that may be many miles away. Both maximize safety by enabling operators to run equipment from a safe location — which may be on-site or literally on the other side of the world.


Line-of-Sight Remote Console

On the smaller end of the scale, LOS systems — such as the Cat® Command Console — provide control over a single machine. An operator can run a dozer, wheel loader or excavator from up to 1100 feet/335 meters away with precise control.

LOS remote control keeps operators away from demolition site hazards such as crumbling walls and collapsing roofs. It also helps keep them out of dust clouds and away from potentially hazardous building materials and debris. And because it’s lightweight and highly portable, the over-the-shoulder console lets operators position themselves upwind or wherever they can get the best view of the jobsite or work tool.

The Command console provides a relatively affordable way to get started in the world of remote control. This system needs no site communications infrastructure. And even a single RC dozer can be invaluable for short-term use or for emergency recovery work.

Long-Distance Operator Station

For operation over longer distances, NLOS systems — such as the Cat Command Station — lets the operator work from many miles away in a “virtual cab” environment. The simulated cab includes a range of video feeds, a comfortable seat and full complement of realistic-feeling hand and foot controls.

The benefits of an NLOS systems expand on all the safety aspects of a portable LOS system. Letting operators work from off the demolition site shields them entirely from hazards such as falling debris and dust, with the added benefits of being away from noise and site traffic.

NLOS remote control benefits extend beyond safety, too. Operators can work from an indoor, office-like environment close to home, without commuting to distant jobsites. They can also switch to a different machine or even a different jobsite instantly, with no downtime. And because no one is in the cab, an idle machine can be shut down to save fuel. There’s no need to run the engine to keep the cab at a comfortable temperature.

Learn more about Caterpillar’s remote control solutions for demolition equipment in the video below.


Command for Demolition


Safe. Proven. Ready to Work.

For demolition contractors — whether you’re taking down a structure piece-by-piece or with explosive controlled demolition — Cat Command remote control solutions are job-tested, reliable and ready to work. Plus, with precise, customizable hydraulics control added safety features such a stability monitoring system, Cat equipment is ideal for any type of demolition work

There’s never been a better time to “go remote.” Cat Command systems have proven themselves across industries from general construction to mining. They’re easy to operate and ready to keep your people safe, comfortable and in control on your most challenging demolition jobs. 


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Cat® Command technologies for construction include remotely controlled and semi-autonomous equipment systems, opening worlds of new possibilities for your operation.

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