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demolition technology
demolition technology

Demolition Technology

At Caterpillar, demolition work has never been easier. Cat® demolition technology puts the emphasis on operator safety, improving worker confidence and productivity in the process. Through audible and visual indicators, the Cat Active Stability Monitoring system keeps operators informed of hazards involving the excavator arm, attachment or undercarriage. When using the retrofit boom, operators can also take advantage of the Cat Grade with 2D system, 2D E-Fence and Cat Payload on-board weighing system. Another valuable application, VisionLink®, is an online telematics interface that remotely manages production targets. When considering these technology solutions alongside Cat Remote Troubleshoot services, in which your Cat dealer can assess issues remotely, and Remote Flash, which provides easy updates, it's clear that Caterpillar is always looking for ways to streamline your next demo project.

Command for Demolition

Cat® Command: A Smarter Way To Work

Cat Command allows operators to control excavators remotely, up to 400 meters away. By removing the operator from the cab, dangerous sites are exponentially safer. With easy integration, enhanced security features, indicator lights and vision systems, Cat Command gives operators the chance to fully focus on the task at hand.

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cat command demolition technology
cat command demolition technology

Cat PL161: A Simpler Way to Track Attachments

The PL161 module is a compact and durable tracking device that affixes to your attachments. Using Bluetooth technology, VisionLink on your mobile device will scan for any attachments within range and keep you updated on location and usage. With a two-year battery life, the PL161 is a steady, long-term management solution.

Keep Tabs On Your Tools
PL161 demolition technology
PL161 demolition technology

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Additional Technologies for an Enhanced Job Site

Supplemental technologies — like Cat Grade with 2D, Cat E-Fence, Cat Payload and VisionLink® — reduce costs and stress while improving efficiency, accuracy, maintenance capabilities and safety.


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