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From camera systems to remote control, Cat® Technology helps keep employees safe, jobsites humming and schedules on track.

Cat® Safety Technologies for Any Jobsite
Cat® Safety Technologies for Any Jobsite



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Since 1925, it’s been Caterpillar’s mission to help you build a better world — and a safer one. Our commitment to safety starts on the factory floor and extends to every jobsite where Cat equipment works. Whether you run just a few machines or a huge fleet, we can help you make sure safety technology is integrated into every aspect of your operation.

It all starts with Caterpillar Safety Services. We provide expertise and consulting to companies looking to prioritize jobsite safety and make operations more effective at all levels of your organization. We’ll work with you to optimize the behavior of people who are closest to the targeted risks, while helping you creating a culture rooted in safety and operational excellence.


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Jobsite Safety On The Cutting-Edge

While Caterpillar Safety Services focuses on your people — the key to making any safety program work — you’ll also want to take advantage of cutting-edge Cat Safety Technologies. From simple reminder systems to full-on remote control operating systems, there are Cat safety technologies suitable for every need and budget.

If you’re looking to start small, check out the Cat® Seat Belt Reminder. It seems like a simple thing, but the fact is wearing a seat belt is one of the easiest, most effective ways for equipment operators to stay safe. When the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) looked at 50+ rollover accidents, they found zero fatalities only when operators wore seat belts in ROPS-protected cabs.

Still, busy workers can easily forget or get distracted, so the Cat Seat Belt Reminder prompts them to buckle up and stay buckled all shift. It also features an external beacon to promote accountability and practice jobsite safety.

Adding this simple, effective system to operator and training/passenger seats in all your equipment – both Cat machines and other brand – is fast and easy. Your Cat dealer can install it for you, or you can handle your own installation with a do-it-yourself kit.

Stop Accidents Before They Happen

Of course, the best way to deal with jobsite accidents and safety issues is to avoid them in the first place. One key to accident avoidance is assuring excellent visibility from the cab of every machine.

Cat® Vision Systems help reduce blind spots and raise operators’ awareness of their surroundings. When operators can clearly see what’s happening around them, you not only get a safer site with less equipment damage and downtime, you also get operators who work more confidently, efficiently and productively.

Choose from three Cat Vision Systems options:

·   Rear Vision – A single-camera system that provides a clear view to the work behind the machine via an in-cab display monitor.

·   Personnel Detection – A “smart camera” system that alerts the operator when a person enters the work area behind a machine.

·   Surround Vision – Up to four external cameras connected to an in-cab display that gives operators a 360° view around their machine.

Operator-assist technologies such as seat belt reminders and camera systems offer affordable, effective ways to reduce the risk of injuries and maximize productivity.  Some of these systems also include back-office reporting, which helps drive safety-oriented change management across your organization.

Ramp Up To Remote Control

If you’re ready to take your safety technology capabilities to the next level, check out Cat Command Remote Control for Construction. Remote control is ideal when hazardous conditions or remote sites make it unsafe or impractical for operators to run machines from onboard. Operators can work safely and efficiently without ever climbing into the cab.

Cat Command Remote Control options includes a portable, line-of-sight console system for short-term work and emergency tasks. Or you can work in a fixed, indoor Command Operator Station that can be located miles away from the site itself. Working from a comfortable, office-like environment, your operators can control up to five machines at a time, anywhere in the world.

For operators, remote control eliminates distractions that may compromise jobsite safety. It removes them from dust, noise, vibration and jostling in the cab, helping them remain alert and efficient throughout a tough shift. In some cases, the onsite mobile console system can also provide a more effective view of the work.

There are benefits for your business, too. Long-distance remote control makes recruiting, hiring and retaining good operators easier. It enables one operator to change between machines or jobsites, too. That minimizes downtime, maximizes machine utilization and puts people instantly where the most pressing work is during any shift.

New Possibilities. Smart Solutions.

Cat Command opens up new possibilities for every jobsite. Safer operation. Enhanced productivity. Real cost savings. Smart solutions for your unique business needs. And it all comes with reliable performance that will keep your equipment on the job.

For more information on Cat Command Remote Control, visit the Cat Construction Technology page. Then, work with your dealer to find the best combination of Cat Safety and Technology solutions for your operation. From operator alert and camera systems to remotely-controlled equipment and more, Caterpillar is committed to delivering solutions that help you send everyone home safely, every day.




The best operations have one thing in common — they’ve embraced technology. That’s because it’s made job sites safer and workers more efficient. And we have a collection of articles to help you unleash the full potential of your business. Whether you’re looking for increased productivity, solutions to labor shortages, lower operating costs or better collaboration with your team, you’re only a click away.   

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