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Schwinger Granit

Schwinger Granit

See how Schwinger Granit in Bavaria, Germany uses Cat® technology to gather accurate data about fleet and quarry operations. With VisionLink® Productivity, quarry managers get timely information that tracks idle time, fuel usage and more, eliminating guess work, saving time and money and helping to improve operational efficiencies.

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From machine data to load counts and production totals, Cat technology delivers accurate information that you can use to streamline and improve your operations. But how do you avoid “data overload” and turn raw numbers into useful information? 

For the Schwinger Granit quarry near Nittenau, Germany, the answer is VisionLink Productivity—a remote monitoring system that tracks machine locations, cycle and idle times, load costs and fuel usage.       

“Now We Know”

In this video, Quarry Manager, Dr. Kristian Daub describes how VisionLink Productivity allows his team to: 

  • Measure product total and load counts 

  • Monitor machine locations, idle time and fuel usage   

  • Improve the processes on a site that produces a million tons of granite products every year 

In his words, “In the past, we thought we knew . . . now we know. We can make decisions based on data instead of gut feelings.”    

Plus, he says the mine can move faster because VisionLink Productivity provides updated information multiple times each day. That helps his team react to inefficiencies, identify opportunities, and make smart, informed decisions on ways to improve operations. 



“Now is the time for the optimum use of everything. Focus on efficiency. Best output, lowest input.”

- Dr. Kristian Daub, Managing Director, Schwinger Quarry



Meeting Today’s Challenges

VisionLink Productivity helps Schwinger Granit meet the challenges of rising fuel prices and price-sensitive customers. By helping to improve overall productivity, it improves quarry profits while reducing fuel burn and total CO2 emissions. 

With this valuable Cat technology tool, Dr. Kristian Daub says the quarry was able to track idle time, identifying when and where it occurs. He adds, “You can save operating hours and in the end you have less cost, more profit and you can handle your challenges for the future.”  

For more information on VisionLink Productivity and the full range of Cat technology products and services, check out the link below and contact your local Cat dealer.

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VisionLink Productivity
VisionLink Productivity