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On Her Own, But Not Alone

How a Cat customer’s DNA inspired her to start her own business

Samantha Ruttura has always had a competitive spirit.  With her parents’ support, she started with equestrian competitions at a very young age. Her dad, Tommy, says “she just always wanted to do what she wanted to do, and we never got in the way.” Along with competing, Samantha started renting, leasing and selling horses while also earning a college degree in education. She credits those experiences - and a longing to return home - to steering her back to the place and industry she’s always known. You see, more than 100 years ago, Samantha Ruttura’s great-grandfather, Dominic Ruttura, started Ruttura and Sons, specialty contractors in Long Island, New York.


Samantha Ruttura is a Cat customer in Long Island, New York. She’s fourth generation in the construction industry, but instead of joining the family business, she struck out on her own to start Our Rental Pumps.

Samantha grew up appreciating and admiring her family’s legacy; however, she always wanted to blaze her own trail. With that determination in her DNA, she started “Our Rental Pumps,” a Long Island business which specializes in concrete pumps, telebelts and construction equipment rentals. Over the past four years, her business has grown to become one of the most reliable concrete placing companies in the tri-state area.

Sam will tell you that she loves family weekends together but come Monday her dad is just “another customer,” no different than anyone else. Watch how Our Rental Pumps is expanding the family business into a new territory, generation and gender.


You’re Maintaining A Lot More Than a Machine.

You’re Maintaining A Lot More Than a Machine.

See how we support our customers’ goals and help them grow more than just a business.

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