Cat® Mini Excavator Proves It’s Not a “Bull in a China Shop”

The third in a new series of Caterpillar short films, the film “China Shop” features an operator maneuvering his Cat® 301.7 CR Mini Excavator with the poise of a matador through a crowded “shop” stocked with over $40,000 USD in delicate merchandise. The skillfully operated 301.7 CR proves it’s anything but a clumsy bull in a china shop in the film produced for the latest Built For It™ Trials challenge.

The challenge begins with the machine entering the shop with only an inch or two to spare on either side of the narrow doorway. Trumpets herald the equipment’s arrival and continue to blare with varied intensity as the 301.7 CR makes its way around the extremely tight quarters of the shop—packed with over 3,000 pieces of china, crystal, stemware and other precious objects.

In a remarkable display of agility, the 301.7 CR gently picks up a wine glass, brushes it over several fragile pieces of stemware and then tenderly places it atop a stack of glasses to form a sixth tier. To see the impressive maneuvers of the operator and equipment, you can watch the “China Shop” above and witness for yourself how the 301.7 CR performs in its challenging Built For It Trial.  

The “China Shop” video features an operator maneuvering his Cat® 301.7 CR Mini Excavator with the poise of a matador through a crowded shop stocked with over $40,000 in delicate merchandise.

The Making of "China Shop"

Find out some interesting facts from the making of "China Shop", and watch the behind-the-scenes video.

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