The Making of “Gravity”

The Making of “Gravity”

Find out some of the interesting facts from the making of the “Gravity” video:

  1. Before filming the action, a few in the production crew were skeptical about whether or not the B15 smartphones would survive the punishment they were about to endure.
  2. All of the phones were operational and intact after the grueling challenge ended.
  3. The number of B15 smartphones run over by the 277D was 600.
  4. The retail value of all the B15s used in the film was approximately $217,000 USD.
  5. Lighting the set took more power than the site had available, so a 175,000 watt Cat® Generator was brought in to supply the required power.
  6. To capture footage from all angles required 3 primary cameras and 12 Go Pro cameras.
Find out what it took to make "Gravity" in this behind-the-scenes video.

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Cat® B15 Smartphone Defies “Gravity” to Prove it Belongs

The “Gravity” video puts one of the newest Cat® products, the B15 smartphone, to the test to see if it’s as rugged as our much larger products.

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