Stack Built for it Trials
Stack Built for it Trials

The Ultimate Challenge is on in “Stack”

Let the games begin. The ultimate challenge is on in a new series of Caterpillar short films—all featuring the Built For It™ Trials. First in the film queue is “Stack.” The Stack challenge pitted five heavy equipment operators against a mountain of massive wood JENGA® blocks—weighing over 8 tons total.

The object of the game for the operators: remove and then reposition a stack of nearly 30 JENGA® blocks one at a time—using only their Cat® machines and work tools. What ensues as the cameras roll is a show of operator skill, and machine power, strength and agility.

Ready, Set, Action

In the film, the operators, who boast 121 years of combined experience, operate five Cat machines, including a 320E, TH514C, 277D, M316D and 349E. All of the machines are known for their control and precision when lifting robust objects. Typically that means objects like concrete pipe and road construction barriers, but here the challenge is hoisting and placing wood JENGA® blocks weighing in at over 600 pounds apiece.

The operators take turns skillfully making their maneuvers. They work machine controls. Buckets move. Booms raise and lower. Tires roll. Treads turn. Their equipment rolls forward and backwards—all while tapping, hammering, pulling, lifting and placing the large wooden pieces.

The excitement ends when the blocks topple. How many maneuvers did these expert operators make before that happened? We don’t want to spoil the outcome of this Built For It Trial for you, so if you really want to know, watch the video above.


When we play blocks, we play BIG. "Stack" pits five heavy equipment operators against a mountain of massive wood JENGA® blocks - the largest board game ever played with Cat® equipment.

When we play blocks, we play BIG. Watch "Stack"