D4 Undercarriage Maintenance

Don’t neglect your undercarriage. Regular inspection of your D4 dozer’s track is a vital part of any thorough maintenance routine, keeping your machine in top shape on the job. What do you need to know?

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This quick video tour will take you through the most important steps of Cat® D4 Dozer undercarriage maintenance.

Cat® D4 Dozer Undercarriage Maintenance

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Let’s go over a few necessary procedures to maintain your important undercarriage parts and components.

  1. Cleaning [00:17]

    Clean your undercarriage daily to help extend the life of your seals and components. Use a shovel to remove dirt and debris from your D4 bulldozer’s:

    • Track roller frame  

    • Equalizer bar ends

    • Pivot shaft

    • Track idlers

    • Rollers

    Wash your undercarriage with water if mud is packed tightly. But be careful not to directly spray your seals, track pin, roller or idler stoppers.

  2. Inspecting [01:04]

    Inspecting your dozer is a continuous process that’s inseparable from every day’s work. Listen for squealing during operation. If you hear more noise than usual, this can indicate dry joints. And look for dry joints after shutting down by lightly feeling the end of each pin or bushing for excess heat. But be careful: These may be very hot.

    Check your dozer’s track roller frame and your equalizer bar pin for cracks and/or leaks. Then make sure your track isn’t excessively worn, and keep an eye out for any excess dirt buildup.

    Take note of the wear on your track’s grousers by using a string or straight edge. Refer to the video for a visual demonstration of this technique. Make sure you check your Operation and Maintenance Manual for the ideal dimensions, and adjust your track if needed. 

  3. Planetary drive [01:53]

    Your bulldozer’s planetary (final) drives spread the load over multiple gears. Regularly check planetary drive oil levels and sample the oil according to your Operation and Maintenance Manual's recommended intervals. Planetary oil lines should line up and be parallel to the ground.

REMEMBER: Always refer to your Operation and Maintenance Manual for guidance on maintenance, safety, settings, features and more.

Have any questions about maintaining your D4 undercarriage? Reach out to your Cat dealer, who can make sure you are getting the most out of your machine.


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