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Cat dozers offer you a wide range of choices from top to bottom. You can select the cab features that best match your operators experience and skills. Undercarriage and blade options ensure you’ve got the right configuration for your application and material. Find the dozer that will help you get more done.


The versatile new Cat D4 dozer offers the power and precision to get jobs done quickly, plus gives you up to 30 percent more visibility...

D5 Dozer
D5 Dozer

The new Cat D5 succeeds the renowned D6N with superior performance, a fully automatic transmission and the broadest choice of...


Move material at a lower cost with a fully automatic transmission, outstanding fuel efficiency and reduced...


The Cat D6 XE is the world’s first high drive Electric Drive dozer. Next-generation technology allows constant power to the ground...


The new Cat D7 dozer delivers more productivity and high drive undercarriage value. Fully automatic 4-speed transmission makes...


The Cat D8T Dozer increases your productivity up to 18% without using more fuel. A fully automatic 4-speed transmission and a choice of factory...

Free Dozer Downloads

Start your days ready-to-doze with wake-up alarms from a bedside Cat dozer or amuse your missed callers with a custom Cat dozer voicemail message. There are lots of free download options for you. Alarm tones, ringtones, text tones and voicemail messages; get them all today!

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New Names. Same Great Performance.

Recently, we simplified the naming for our entire dozer line-up. See the updated product line at the link below.

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Dozer Nomenclature

The Road of Innovation

When it comes to heavy equipment, there’s only one way to determine quality—put it to the test. Join us on an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey through the process of bringing a groundbreaking new machine to you. Follow the new Cat D6 dozer from the drawing board to the Proving Grounds to the depth of the frozen tundra on the road of innovation.

Cat D6 Dozer |  Road of Innovation - Part 1
Cat D6 Dozer |  Road of Innovation - Part 2
Cat D6 Dozer |  Road of Innovation - Part 3

The Experts' take

What’s so great about Cat machines? These guys will tell you. Watch as Sam Meeker walks you through a few of the features that make Cat Dozers unique in the industry and right for your business. Want to learn more? Click the link below to visit our Tips, Tech and Tools page where our experts share insights from years of construction industry experience. You never know, you might learn something!


Command Technology: Operating in conditions where you want to get your operator out of the cab for safety reasons? Cat® Command for dozing makes it easy. Plug-and-play installation lets you turn your large dozer into a remote-control machine when necessary. Then just flip a switch in the cab to return to normal, manual operation.


Electric Drive Exclusive: There’s only one manufacturer offering an electric drive dozer today, and that’s Caterpillar. We put years of R&D into this innovative machine, and that pays off for you in terms of productivity, efficiency and lower owning and operating costs.


3D Grade Control: Novice operators, expert operators and everyone in between can benefit from 3D grade control on new Cat dozers. It guides blade control for those new to the job, so they can keep an eye on the rest of the jobsite. And for old pros, it reduces arm movement for a less fatiguing shift.


New Platform, New Benefits: With Next Generation Cat Dozers, you get a whole new platform that delivers improved performance and efficiency, along with lower fuel burn and owning and operating costs. Plus, the new D5, D6 and D7 come with a host of technology options, too.


Technology Options: Next Generation Cat Dozers come with a wide variety of technology options — from basic slope indicate and stable blade, to 2D slope assist, all the way to 3D grade control. And the new D5 and D7 include blade load monitor and traction control technology, too.


Blade Load Monitor: New on Cat D5 and D7 dozers is blade load monitor. It shows operators how much material is on the blade as the dozer is pushing, encouraging them to get maximum blade loads and maximum productivity.


Versatile Command Technology: Command for dozing technology on Cat dozers is more versatile than ever, with a universal operator station and controls you can use across multiple machines.


Command for Dozing: Command for dozing technology on Cat dozers takes operators out of the cab, so they can run the machine remotely — and safely — with an over-the-shoulder console or from a remote operator station. It opens up more training opportunities, too.

Dozer Command Technology
Dozer Electric Drive Exclusive
Dozer 3D Grade Control
New Platform, New Benefits
Technology Options
Blade Load Monitor
Versatile Command Technology
Command for Dozing

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Technology & Services

The best way to boost profits is to keep productivity high and operating costs low. Cat technology is designed to help you raise your efficiency and hit your production targets shift after shift. Services bring new levels of equipment management to raise your performance to the next level. And, with programs like Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs), you can find the most efficient maintenance and repair strategies for low operating costs.


Check out the latest technologies built to eliminate skills gaps, hit productivity targets and help you earn more on every job. Whether on or off machines, these solutions will help you up your game.

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Machine Technology


You need the right mix of support to take your operation to the next level. Cat Services offers flexible solutions for Cat equipment so you can do the work of today to build a better world tomorrow.

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Cat Services


Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) offer hassle-free ownership of your machine with parts delivered, an Equipment Protection Plan, optional dealer maintenance and key machine insights right on your phone.

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Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)


Cash flow, fast payback on investment and balancing ownership with lease and rental are all critical to the success of your business. Your dealer and Cat Finance can help you make the most profitable decisions.

The Great Payback Event

The Great Payback Event offers new machine buyers a fuel or finance payback with a Customer Value Agreement included. If you’re in the market for the products below, be sure to check out this limited offer.
Articulated Trucks, Dozers (Medium), Excavators (Medium-Large), Motor Graders, Soil Compactors, Wheel Loaders (Medium)

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The Great Payback Event


Explore flexible lease options for equipment, long-haul motor vehicles, trailers and more.

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Whether you need a traditional or a working capital loan, we can help you secure funds.

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Extended Protection

Our extended protection supplements warranties to guard against unplanned repair costs.

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extended protection

Cat® Card program

Use a Cat Card just like a credit card for parts, service, attachments, rentals and more.

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Cat Card Program

Learn From the Pros

You can get great tips and advice from the experiences of Cat specialists as well as other construction professionals. Explore the tips, tools, articles, and webinars we have available to you online. You can even send your questions to Cat experts.

Tips, Tech and Tools

Get industry insight from our construction experts. Read our quick tips or ask a question.

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Webinars on current construction topics are available anytime.

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The ultimate “motivational and informational” podcast, tailored specifically for contractors on-the-go. Listen in to learn essential tips and tricks needed to develop your business and increase your ROI.

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