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Business Choices
Business Choices

Find the Choices that Work Best for Your Business

How do you determine which choices will help your operation achieve the best results? Understanding your options and how they fit into your operation can help you compare, plan and ultimately make smart choices for your business.

Choosing Equipment that Helps You Earn More

As you fight to win more work without sacrificing profits, equipment selection is a top priority. Fuel efficiency, productivity and maintenance costs of each machine can all add up. Explore which machines can deliver the most value for you.

Choices to Match Your Business Goals

The more information you have about your choices, the better positioned you are to achieve the results you want. Selecting technology that fits the work you do, as well as controlling operating costs like fuel and maintenance – it all makes a difference on your bottom line.


Technology Advantages

Technology can put you on the fast track to greater efficiency and cost savings. Many technologies come standard and offer easy upgrades. Find the best choices for your operation and budget.

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Technology Advantages
Technology Advantages

Control Fuel Costs

Fuel is one of your largest operating costs. Any choice you make that impacts fuel consumption also impacts what you earn. Explore effective ways to control fuel burn and idle time.

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Control Fuel Costs
Control Fuel Costs


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Resources to Help You Make Smart Choices

The more information you have about your options, the better you can determine business advantages. Take a look at this information, tips and expert advice.


Keeping your equipment performing at its best is a top priority. Choose from a range of service options that let you do-it-yourself or work with your dealer.

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Great Payback Event

The Great Payback Event gives you choices for how you get payback on your machine investment. Choose from financing rates, Fuel credits and more!

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Tips, Tech & Tools

Construction is constantly changing. With decades of construction experience and resources across many topics, Caterpillar has the tips and tools you need most.

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Financing Options

You have lots of choices when it comes to getting more equipment on your site. This step-by-step guide can help you figure out what options deliver the best value to your business.

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